Wednesday 1 April 2015

Total male apathy versus total male engagement

“Never offer until the time suits you.  
Always decline if the day doesn’t seem right.  
Seldom agree unless it’s of beneficial consequence. 
Only propose when you gain as much as them.”

There will come a time in a man’s life when he has studied a level of interaction strategy, female emotional psychology, and possibly even a degree of information that offers a true perspective to how important intimate relationships with women are in the whole scheme of life.  Some men learn better and quicker than others, whilst there are even some males out there who do pick it up easily but refrain from delivering it into good use in the practical field.  Most men never even get a word of this type of literature in the first place, as they stay adamant to their arrogant view of always making the corrective moves. 

For those men who are willing to face up to the harsh truth through the barrier of blissful ignorance or an unrealistic world, one element of interaction with women may still linger on their minds to which road is best to take.  In the life of a man’s knowledge cycle, this will usually be the two polar stages:

Total engagement                                                                                     Total apathy

Pre comprehension of interaction strategy

This concept, often found in many mainstream articles written by women or lap dog men, is that a man must act as happy, approachable and engaging as possible, as he smiles as wide as a Cheshire cat simultaneous to talking to women excessively to prove how nice a guy he is.  The more attention he gives her, the more appreciative she will be.  The more he talks, the stronger her feelings will be towards knowing he is a great guy that she could see herself spending hours with in rambling on about the A to Z of the world.  The more time he spends with her, and the more he agrees with her side of things, the greater her belief will be in his overall suitability.  He thinks this all manifests in her being more attracted to him.  If this is what women tell him, surely this is what he should do.  Oblivious is this man to how many women do act in conjunction with what they say.

Excessive advocator of interaction strategy

Once a man finally recollects how women didn’t appreciate his process during pre comprehension, he becomes a little belligerent with thoughts of women.  Because of this, he believes the most appropriate way to interact with women is to barely engage with them.  He now turns his back to them, he never smiles, his answers are short, care-free not assessed, and he comes across as a selfish and somewhat low social orientated man.  He thinks this strategy will now attract women, as they sure weren’t attracted to him as the nice guy.  Further to this, he has seen with his own eyes how women have been compelled to apathetic men in the same timeframe as repelling from those offering all their endeavours.

As you can see, both processes are from the far left and far right of the approach line.  To the left side arrives the idealist, and to the right is the cynic.

If only one option should be taken, I would always advise to the far right.  Having played both roles – mainly sitting to the left side of the spectrum in early dating days and to the right with certain women I cared little for – at the very least you will finish at the same point.  More often, and especially with younger women, the far right will also achieve more success.  But if equal results are the end product, surely it’s a no brainer in choosing to exert little to achieve a lot.

When men are looking upon adventures with women, they should always abide by the mentality of:
“Minimum effort to achieve maximum rewards.”

The far left is what most women will tell men that they look for, but this is only because they either believe it is the kind of man they desire, or more likely this avenue is the one that makes them feel best about their existence.  A woman’s ego is a powerful tool, and many of them will often subconsciously, or even consciously, prefer to feed this beast in preference to ultimate happiness.  What women fail to face up to is that they attain far greater visceral feelings for men straying to the far right.  This is, within reason.

I caveat the last sentence with “within reason”, because both processes have a point.  Women are drawn towards disinterested, quietly moody and apathetic men providing there is a physical attraction in the first place, because women swallow a sweet taste for things that don’t come along easily.  They have to work for these men, and this is challenging and adrenalin pumping.  However, you have to realize that in many situations women who make moves for these guys are with men who already possess a degree of social status.  They may be club doormen, DJs or promoters, or they could be the popular guy of the well known local town.  In easy language, there aren’t many men who can simply act this way and expect hoards of women to be lining up to gain his attention.  Most men need to pro-act with women.

Another justification for avoiding a far right approach is that women are drawn towards men who hold down positive body language and proof they are having a good time.  This doesn’t mean he should have a constant wide grin on his face, but a show of the teeth in conjunction with smirks, seriousness and listening ability should not be overseen.  Women may have instinctive attraction projected onto moody men, but over time they also need to combine this consideration with thoughts of a Sunday afternoon stroll with a person who can listen to her hopes and dreams.  A man with low social interaction cannot take her past thoughts of being with him tomorrow.

It all falls back to the balancing act.  Good guys – men who strike the equilibrium – are hard to locate, because whether people face up to it or not, the vast majority of men are a product of the left biased end.  Women often claim this is not the case due them having less ground for argument that men should do more for them.  It’s difficult to expect more from a population of genuine nice guys, so the invention of a greater quantity of jerks is a must in order to allow them, and other na├»ve men, to think women always take the rough end of the stick in relationships.

But some good guys are out there.  So as a summary, a man sitting at the far left will fulfill in a woman liking a man, but it will be hard pressed for her to be attracted to him.  Many women will be attracted to men from the far right, but as women have inclinations to settle down sooner rather than later, in relativity to men on a broad scale, and even if this isn’t with a man who optimizes her sexual impulses, they do realize total apathetic men have a limited shelf life.

The side a man throws his hat on is always relative to his physical attractiveness and other sexual market value metrics, alongside the interface with the actual woman herself, in terms of knowing exactly where to pitch on the line of extreme apathy or engagement.  For example, a very good looking man with personality, charisma and knowledge women would need to lean slightly to the left side of middle.  This is only true because nearly all women see a man of this calibre as unattainable, and an aloof attitude will only further distance him from their insecurities.  But as 99% of men fall below this looks grade, the big money is towards leaning to the right side of centre.  Somewhere near 65% to 70% to the right should be wear a man lands the cap.

Women need to be challenged, but they also need incremental care, love, affection and reassurance of their worthiness to the world.  Too much, and she believes she can do better.  Too little, and she senses a time when her man is drifting away.  Some women, prideful of their self-importance and eager to protect their egos, often take a reluctant decision to jettison from the relationship if they sense that a man could dive in before first.  When all said and done, women tend to do the dumping once men are satisfied with the pumping.


  1. A woman’s ego is a powerful tool, and many of them will often subconsciously, or even consciously, prefer to feed this beast in preference to ultimate happiness. What women fail to face up to is that they attain far greater visceral feelings for men straying to the far right. This is, within reason.

    I suspect that there is far less "either-or" to this than most men realize. Women naturally have an abundance mentality, as a product of experience and upbringing. They see no lack of total engagement interactions, and believe that should any man attract their interest, they can signal their interest and be pursued. So there's no reason to encourage men to a total apathy approach, even if they understood that that is what they prefer. (I'm sure they would characterize it as being "more intriguing").

    There's another reason it's not either-or: the are two types of suitors serve different functions for women. The Total Engagement interaction provides validation, and the total apathy provides tingles.

    1. Hopefully I covered what you allude to in the penultimate paragraph of the post.

      Nevertheless, if for some inconceivable reason only one extreme could be taken, and in almost any given scenario, the extreme right scale should be taken. This is where good intentional, but perhaps less clued up guys will be misguided by women and male lapdog writers/believers. They will abide by leaning heavily to the left, as this is the process that most suits blue pill belief in making a woman feel best about herself. Conveniently for these advocates, they refrain to mention how women ultimately respond to over engaging men (hence men who show interest too soon, too obvious and too blatant), in the way this delivery conflicts a woman's true genetic make-up to be challenged and seek what is forbidden.