Thursday 23 April 2015

Don't make this mistake

"Hope the best.  Expect the worst."

There are some images, scenes and events in our lives that give off simultaneous emotions of nausea, pity and amusement.  The below link offers just that:

Now, I could spend a couple of paragraphs talking about a geeky average looking guy showing desperation in demonstrating undying affection to a woman, with harshness accepted, who is even less physically attractive than him.  If based on objective and honest views, it would take someone living in cloud cuckoo land to disagree with this judgement.  In a world where women prefer (their ego's prefer) to be with lesser looking men in comparison to their own physical attractiveness relativity, a man boxing below his weight has questions to answer.

I could then pick out countless errors in his body language, verbal execution, content of words and facial expressions during the shameless minute or so in his existence.  

Taking it on one step further, it could even be examined in terms of how much he has to lose, on the basis she isn't the daughter of millionaire farming parents who have been informed they have weeks to live, by choosing the route of marriage in this scenario.

No, the biggest lesson in this is that you, as a male reader, could conceivably be watching something like this with your respective girlfriend.  If you are weak, naive, too much in love, and living in obliviousness of the reality in women's genetic characters and true feelings towards men's emotional handling, your girlfriend will allow you to believe these actions and gestures shown above are exactly how a man should act if he truly values his female partner.  She will lead and talk with her ego, take the ring and show it off to her allegiance of "friends", social network gatherers and work colleagues, probably even make her way to the alter to at least have the big day to repeat the cycle once more in a compounded fashion, and then leave you wondering why she doesn't appreciate all this a few months down the line.

Ultimately, women desire the most what doesn't come easily in life to them.  Whether this is a new pair of shoes, a dazzling handbag, her own way in an argument, or ambitions of a man proposing to her, she wants to work for it before eventually, or never quite, achieving this accomplishment.  

Be the man who doesn't lay it on a plate for her, who never seems any more pleased (ideally less so) to be with her than the inverse, who knows there are plenty of other women to replace her, who disagrees with her absent of a moment's hesitation when necessary, who knows how to say "no", and most importantly, ensures she works hard for her rewards.

You will find plenty of men in the world, usually in their 50s, but sometimes in their 30s and 40s too, who openly admit they wish firmer strategies had been used with their current or past female loved ones.  Many of these men did not have the accessibility to blogs of this genre.  If you do read literature of this kind, yet you still continue with the old faithful and conditioned ways - like our friend in the link - then don't go crying in years to come.

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