Monday 20 April 2015

The Wonderful Women of Oz

“Sometimes there is a period in your life when the more you lose,
the more you are willing to spend and gamble.”

A few days prior to my recent month long visit to Australia, I met up with a friend of mine who lived and worked over there for a year.  His highlighted words were to look out for the quality of women, the vast amounts of people jogging in the streets/parks, the female Aussie liking of British male accents, and the sheer positive outlook of the country’s natives.  I remember thinking at the time that he was perhaps overstating all this a little.  It didn’t take me long to realize how on the nail he was with all these views.

Without this post turning into a geographical, history or current affairs lesson – all subjects I have no great depth of interest or knowledge in – it is important to point out a few aspects of Australia as a country.
  • Australia has a land area of approx. 7,686,000 square km.  Contiguous United States of America is roughly the same.
  • United States of America’s approx. population (301m) is nearly 13 times the Australian equivalence of 23.5m.
  • Australia’s land area is more than 31 times the land size of the United Kingdom (243,694 square km).
  • The United Kingdom population (64.8m) is 2.75 times greater than Australian total inhabitants. Granted, the estimated 3% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders that make up Australia’s total population may be higher due to unregistered members of society, but this non-calculation occurs in most countries of today.
  • The unemployment rate in Australia currently sits around 6.2% as of March 2015.  U.S and U.K equivalencies are 5.5% and 5.6% respectively.

That’s enough of the whiteboard usage, but hopefully it paints some kind of picture.  Basically, when it derives to Australian consideration, there is a small amount of people, in a large area of space, living in a country where most people (especially in comparison to many other countries with high unemployment rates) are at the very least employed and earning money.  Yes, cost of living and city centre accommodation is expensive, but the higher earning capacity does, to a large extent, cover these costly acquisitions. 

What all this manifests in is more human space, less traffic, less stress, a relaxed life, disposable income, and positive attitude.  Add on the small matter of great weather and nearby beaches to all the major cities, and what you have in a mixing pot is a creation of one happy and good-time hunting place.  Even when you ask the locals about their prided country, it is hard to find someone with a bad word to say about it.  Compare this with the random UK candidate who cannot wait for the opportunity to slag off their passport emblem – often with a fair amount of justification too.

But of course, despite all as explained, my eyes were on the native women and respective sexual dynamics that emerge from this fantastic country.  Four major cities (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide) later, countless small towns in between, and 4000 kilometres of tyre rubber burnt, this is what I conclude to:

Australian women – physical attractiveness

If you were to ask for my honest, reflective and objective opinion on the numbers of eye catching Australian women in consideration to Italian, Spanish and Greek female counterparts, and base it on a population relative terms basis, I would have to say it is lower.  Not by a million miles, but something like 10% fewer.  In comparison to French (French women represent some of the most beautiful in the world, but their benchmark level is not that spectacular) and Portuguese women – I predict it is slightly higher to roughly the same.  German and Dutch girls?  I’ll go on a photo finish. Then compared to American and British women (I’d say they outweigh British women in beauty terms by 5:1 in quantity, despite there only being little over a third as many of them), well I guess you know what’s coming – yes, considerably greater in Australia. 

Essentially, it won’t take you too long to see an impressive looking Aussie woman after walking past the last one.  And although I confidently say the southern European ladies as mentioned have the edge, what I can say is that Australian women are more to my sexual liking.  I guess as a guy who has lived his life in a paler white skinned dominated country, this ethnicity will always be my preferred choice.  Then consider that the broads of Oz are usually seen showing a fair amount of flesh – usually toned and in shape.  In fact finding an overweight bird in Australia is as rare as finding a hot girl in England.  So you can imagine that when I strolled past and interacted with high numbers of easy on the eye white girls, in respect to the inundated flabby and plain female Brits I see in my everyday life, it did at times feel like the kid who raided the candy shop. 

Australian women – personality

If they most certainly impressed me on a looks basis, they came top of the pile in relation to personality, confidence, approachability, friendliness, positivity and chilled demeanour.  It was like a breath of fresh air that, as a man who is so accustomed to British women who in the main are total opposite to the non-visual traits as mentioned, I could collide with women who would look me in the eye with a confident and helpful manner. 

Yes, this may have had something to do with the British accent mesmerizing their concentration, and who knows, maybe they were even somewhat impressed with my visual offerings, but I think it goes further than this.  When you live in a country which provides a great life, the optimistic feeling is bound to rub off.  Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of women who came across as stuck up bitches too, but once more, you go on the experienced averages.

Australian men – physical attractiveness

In a nutshell – not overly impressive.  I can’t recollect a handful of guys who I thought cut the mustard with top end physical overall blessings.  They are more in trim than British guys, and I guess this is to be expected when the outdoor culture is all so blatant to see, but nobody can try telling me this is a nation with an overload of male good looks.  Compare this to my visit to Italy last year.

On the topic of Australian men, and British men too, it kind of reminds me of an online survey knocking around where women voted these two nations as the “sexiest” men in the world.  When I looked a little deeper, it was no coincidence that the questionnaires were formed from answers by American women.  Similar to British women, you need to tread carefully when women give their “honest” answers towards men who are at the forefront of topic:
  • First, women’s definition of “sexy” is different to men’s interpretation.  Men would view a sexy woman as hot – pretty face and good body.  Women, on the other hand, often define an average looking man as sexy because he has a cute accent or holds down a high level of status.  Cue: Hugh Grant.
  • Second, men answer instinctively when judging a woman’s sexiness/hotness.  If he thinks she is pleasing to the eye, so he shall say.  Women, with big egos, fragile prides and distaste to male unattainability inside their veins, will not necessarily point out the men who catch their eyes and make their panties the wettest.
  • Third, famous Australian and British men have done well stateside over recent years in their relevant fields of work.  As status is such a high attraction magnet onto female eyes, combined with the ability to understand the same English spoken language, women have an automated and naive concept to think these high status men fly the flag for all men belonging to these two nations.

As always, visit the place, open your eyes, judge objectively with an absence of egoism and self-agendas, and assess accordingly.  In essence, all things most women are incapable of doing without someone to hold their hand.

Australian men’s knowledge of women

In a developed world where the consensus, and observational evidence backs this up, is that >80% of men are beta males, Australian guys do nothing to decrease this average.  Someone really should pass them a copy of this blog or similar.  Unchallenging, over-friendly, supplicated, clingy, jealous and clueless are just some of the words I can find to describe the way they deal with women.  What makes this all the more bewildering is the high numbers, especially in the big cities, of physically attractive women.  When there are plenty of shiny and tasty apples on a tree, why would you need to spend time in worrying if you drop the one you hold.  Simply put, options should bring about a more efficient mentality to consider women for what they are – replaceable by another.

But Australian men all so obviously throw this luxury down the toilet.  Whether it is overweight and older men with higher occupational status and wealth, or younger alpha male wannabes, I couldn’t help but notice how horribly wrong they get it in the proximity of women.  The Aussie girls lap it all up of course, and why wouldn’t they?  If they can be provided by the good feeling of men surrounding them like lapdogs, jogging in the park with male platonic buddies, or boyfriends who will supply them with a providing but uninspiring life, why would they tell these men the truth behind their honest thoughts?

What I would say in view of the above is that this unavoidable showing of beta characteristic men panting around better looking women was highly dominated in big cities.  When I stopped off at coastal and outback towns, it couldn’t be denied that far more women, of whom some were cute, tended to sway towards the typical surf dude or low calibre jerk. 

How to handle Aussie women

Despite all the endearing characteristics that sit inside a high percentage of Australian female personas, don’t be fooled by the “butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth” ways.  A gullible man could also be reeled in by that lovely accent, and I was enamoured by this too, but always remember that the sweet, innocent and puppy dog eyed girls are just as prone to leave a man waiting at their doorstep as any other female out there.

And this was obvious during the interaction I experienced myself, in contrast to the observation as a neutral bystander overseeing abundant men failing horribly.  The guy who stands back, acts a little apathetic and treats these stunning women like any other human being, will gain the most respect and, more importantly, sexual admiration in return.  The majority men who act like their conditioning belief tells them – sycophant, needy and over-exerting – are the men picking up the bar bill and saying a platonic and friendly goodbye come the end of the evening.

And ultimately…

So here you have it - a wonderful country with a decent percentage of cute, and some hot, women.  Add on their bubbly personalities, career driven lifestyle, and motivation to enjoy life, and an all-round girlfriend material woman is the end product. 

Then throw into the same paddling pool a low number of good looking men in relativity to the women (I’d predict 1:15 at least), and it didn’t take long to see how men are driven to box above their weight.  That is: score the best job possible, earn good money on the back of it, find a woman, pay for her lavishes and luxuries concurrent to worshipping the ground she walks on, put a ring on her finger and supply her with a nice status whoring pad, and hope she appreciates and loves him all the more for it.  For season campaigners in the reality of life, this story rarely has a final chapter of comforting reading.

A coincidence?

As a final thought, I couldn’t help but notice that fewer women started to look at me in a sexual way and were less endearing in engaging terms during my last four days down under.  Naturally due to endless days of sunshine, this time was when I was most tanned.  It also coincided with when I was in Adelaide.  Although Adelaide has a population exceeding a million inhabitants, it could not be hidden that there was a sleepy and small town feel to the place.  It also clearly possessed the least amount of glamorous women. 

So here I was being a man with a suntan, sitting inside a lower profile city, with very few people of eye catching physical attractiveness.  Was this reduced accommodating reception a sheer coincidence, or was it something a little more ego manufactured? 

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  1. Aussie women are hypergamous maximus.
    You're right there is a high amount of good looking women everywhere and a beach/bikini culture but they are also the master orbit weavers ready to hammer you down as soon as your head pops up (either one lol).
    Most have no tolerance whatsoever to be contradicted or disagreed with. And no tolerance for negs. And this gets worse with age.
    The hordes of beta orbiters just makes them worse.
    This is not a recent event, it was the same in the 90s.
    The immigrant culture fuels the beta hordes where parents raise their children with the family concept and traditional roles.
    They then go out and get fleeced in the SMP. They take their role as provider who has to work long and hard to give their families a house and all the god things in life.
    Though the later generation seem to be waking up to it.

    1. Hey Phero, glad to get an Aussie view behind all this. Obviously in 4 weeks I could only ascertain so much (although I find it takes very little time to draw trends if you open your eyes enough).

      Yes, my thoughts were similar to the "up her own arse" attitude and low tolerance to cockiness. I probably was cut a little slack in having a British accent, but I always think that a career woman surrounded by lapdog men only reinforces her high self-opinion. When this is the unfortunate predicament, even the greatest PUA would be negated because of her accustomed self-projected crown. In time constrained moments (lunch breaks, commute, etc), she isn't going to be as receptive to the man who can stand out.

      That said, no man will ever get anywhere if he just joins the flock of betas. And I'd still take the challenge of your hypergamous and materialistic women over the abundance of uglier women in the UK.

      Elaborate on the later generation waking up to it all in Australia?

  2. The locals here will often comment how much easier to is to get laid in the UK and to some extent in the US where there is a fetish for the accent fro some. Rugby/AFL players get plenty female attention down under, and even the betabux need to be fit for most post prime 7+ women.

    Many young males see the news and have seen a generation of men get screwed by the family courts, the press etc. They still have the some blue pill but in the back of their mind lurk some red pill truths the media keeps banging on daily. While being blue pill at heart they also fear marriage which seem like some necessary evil to be postponed as late as possible,
    Still a minority but growing fast.