Friday 22 October 2021

Lambo guys: women’s perceptions


“The disease of the early investor comes from over emotion and a lack of understanding.”


As a reward to myself when I overcame my long-term cancer suffering, I bought a sports car.  It was, in my opinion, nothing too flash or expensive in the whole scheme of things, however you don’t see too many of them in your daily life around these parts.  In terms of the exact model and colour, I’ve only ever seen two others in many years since the purchase.

The main reason I purchased it was as explained above.  I held a strong desire to treat myself to something that could be identified with my triumph.  Even today, I still look at it with a similar thought pattern.  The second reason was, with respect to what I could financially afford at the time, it was car I loved from an aesthetics perspective.  I’m not someone who drives above speed limits by and large, therefore any consensus that I bought it to show off in this way can be dispelled. 

Whilst there was a subconscious passing thought at best at the time (bear in mind it was before I started to think rigorously and write about female emotional psychology) that it would conceivably impress women, and make other men jealous for that matter, I can honestly say that this was not even close to a primary motivator in procuring such a vehicle.  I even recall reading an article at the time that basically summarized a study of women’s views on men driving sports cars.  The conclusion – based on the women in the study actually telling the truth (which will never be all women answering honestly on subjects where they are emotionally moved by men) – was that whilst women will be impressed and intrigued by a man owning a stand-out car, the majority would rule him out as potential partner material for the following reasons:

·       He comes across as too flash and into himself

·       He would be poor male partner suitability

·       He would be too much of a playa

Lamborghini aspiring men

As my current profession involves daily study of the global financial markets, I tend to click on quite a few YouTube channels that focus on such topics.  It has become clear that, in the industry, the confirmation of making it big is when a man reaches the point when he purchases and owns a new Lamborghini.  Half of them aren't immune a bit of bullshit it has to be said, therefore you take what they say with some grains of salt.  When you consider this would be in the price region of $3m, naturally you aren’t going to see too many around.  If you do see a man in one of these, your first thought is going to be who he is, or how he made so much money.

It chuckled me the other week when my little nephew asked if he could sit in my car.  He obviously has an eye for sports cars when he mentioned he saw a trailer load on the motorway the day before.  He went on to add that he wished my car had vertical opening doors, and it would be better if it was a Lamborghini!  Although I knew he would have little to no idea what I meant in my response, I smirked as I told him certain cars come across to other people as too flash.

It also reminded me of a comment by a friend, when I told him only certain men can get away with driving Ferraris.  He said:

“Every person loves the Ferrari, they just don’t like the dick driving the Ferrari."

Which men can impress women in driving a Lamborghini?

Lamborghinis, or cars of similar stature, can be compared to expensive/stylish clothes in terms of women’s perceptions, and ultimate choices in men, of male appeal.  As I’ve documented on this blog before, a very good-looking man wearing an expensive/stylish suit or coat will be frowned upon by most women in comparison to an average or above-average looking man wearing the exact same garment.  With regards to the latter (both average and above average-looking men), women will look more fondly upon a man wearing a garment of perceived or transparent expense. 

Q-tip 1:

Ugly men (and to a lesser extent below average-looking men) exploiting their wealth will gain more than good-looking men doing likewise, but far less than average-looking men.  This is because any average-looking, cute or hot woman will be impressed with said ugly man’s show of wealth, but it will not generally compensate enough for women in taking oversight to his physical attractiveness deficiencies in comparison to the average-looking man. 

Nevertheless, this is a list of male types who will not be ruled out by women for driving a Lamborghini, and in fact, in most cases, they will be perceived as more desirable to women in doing so.

1)    Famous men of all kinds.  Even a good-looking or very-good looking famous man, not to be confused with as a contradiction to above explanations, will gain female attention and suitors.  This is because women love social status and attention that is brought onto themselves, and fame, far more than wealth per se, acts as this protocol.  Average-looking and above average-looking famous men will attain even more female interest in terms of women desiring to take things further.  Ugly famous men, at least with hot women, won’t gain as much interest from female hunters as good-looking men (and far less than average-looking men) when fame comes into play.

2)    Average-looking to above average-looking (but not famous) men.  Without going into too much detail, as it has all been said before, men of this physical attractiveness scale will gain the most.  As these men neither repulse women nor put women’s noses out of joints in being too attractive, an average-looking man driving a Lambo will have a waterfall of female followers, and usually the hottest women too.

3)    Ugly to below average-looking (but not famous) men.  Whilst not leveraging as much as their average-looking to above average-looking male counterparts, ugly/below average-looking men will gain significantly in the face of female projected attraction.  They effectively have gone from being invisible to a man with a UFO shining on his forehead.

4)    Short (but not famous) men.  This can be taken in a similar context to ugly men.  As a man, being short in height is not a desirable metric to belong to with reference to attracting the eyes of any woman honest woman, however once more this shortness can take a man from being overseen to highlighted once he steps foot inside that multi-million dollar car.

5)    Fat (but not famous) men.  Same reasoning as ugly or short men.

Any caveats?

Whilst the above explanations run true in the vast majority of cases, there are a couple of caveats that would bring about a possible change of events. 

·       First, a woman’s social class can play a part.  Whether that be upbringing social class mentality (hence, because of Daddy’s money) or later life social class residence (as some, especially hot, women can be brought up in lower/working class areas but down the line then find a man with wealth who can redirect her residence to an affluent area), you will find women who will be more forgiving to the most physically attractive men driving elite cars.  This is because women of this nature and monetary driven mindset have a greater attraction to a man with money.  Don’t get me wrong, nine out of ten of these women would still prefer a lesser looking man, but the lure of money offsets a lot of her self-irritability in being with a very good-looking man.

·       Second, a woman’s age acts as a factor in the same decision-making way as illustrated in a woman’s social class.  You will find that women >32 will also turn a reluctant blind eye to an eye candy man driving a flash car in comparison to women younger than this age.  This is because many women this age will have already been married and had the big wedding day that the female mind is born to accomplish, whereas younger women are still waiting for this day (whether these women are single or currently cohabiting).  Bearing in mind a hot man driving a sports car does not portray – whether fact or fiction – a man of commitment, reliability and dependability, the variable of whether a woman has been married or not will factor on her receptiveness towards said man.

A final thought

So, there you have it.  If you are a good-looking to very good-looking man, don’t expect that an expensive sports car will be the answer to your dreamscapes of endless hot women lining up for you unless you are famous or have a heavy loaded social network that consists of very attractive women.  If you are average-looking to above average-looking, you will gain the biggest bang for buck out of this buy.  If you are below average-looking, ugly, fat or/and short, you will also experience female following that is a hundred-fold (thousand-fold?) higher than before, but the level of hotness of the woman you can secure may have a ceiling.

Q-tip 2:

If the fallacy is that any man can sweep any woman off her feet if he has the right broom, then the reality is that broom needs to be in the form of something she hugely benefits from.  Just your natural charm will not be, or rarely be, enough.

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