Wednesday 7 July 2021

Social class compatibility and natural cohabitation/marriage


“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” (Mark Twain)


I was in the gym the other day (for a change!) when a quite attractive woman aged around twenty-four walked in.  She had long, straight brunette hair, her figure was well in shape, and she was reasonably pretty.  I’d give her an overall 7.75/10.

I’d never seen her in there before, and when she parked her ass on one of the benches, it was clear to see she was at a loss of what to actually do.  Her hair wasn’t even tied back, and she must have spent the first few minutes doing nothing but looking at her phone.  I got the feeling she just didn’t really have any inclination to train whatsoever, and it is likely she rarely goes to the gym other than once in a blue moon.   I guess her relatively young age and kind genetics, at least for now, haven’t forced any necessity on her to treat training seriously.

As a side note, this particular gym establishment was offering a weekend pass for any member’s friend (“Bring a Friend Weekend”).

Before I had seen this woman, a couple of men were training in the far corner of the gym on the Smith machine next to me.  I had seen both of them in there on a few occasions.  Both are your typical muscly gym guys, probably on the juice, with tattoos down their arms.  They both spoke with a chav toned Derby accent.  I’m not saying they don’t have decent jobs, as I know not one way or the other, but I very much doubt they are the most intelligent people out there.  I’d hedge a bet they originate, and probably still live, in one of the less affluent suburbs in Derby.  For the record, both are 7/10 in male physical attractiveness.

Guess who should meet?

Post seeing the girl, I moved to the other side of the gym which was in blind sight to her.  A few minutes later, the two guys moved to about ten yards from me.  A few minutes later further still, like magic the woman referenced went up to them.  I could hear her talk, and her voice tone and language were the female equivalent to both men.  Simply put, she wasn’t going to be applying for the University Challenge program any time soon.

When everything is put together, it turns out she is the girlfriend of one of the men.  I can only assume she was there as his “friend”, and on a free pass whilst he trained with the other guy.

Social class natural coming together for women and men

Women, and men for that matter, derive from all shapes, sizes, and physical looks levels irrespective of their monetary standings or social class upbringing.  Granted, affluence can assist a woman’s physical allure to a degree (think on the basis of Daddy’s or rich Hubby’s money allowing her the best cosmetics, possible surgery/enhancements, less requirement to work long hours etc), but this will only take her so far.  The link between money and male physical attractiveness is pretty much negligible. 

With this in mind, you don’t just find that all ugly people are found in the most deprived areas of a town or city and all the beauty is situated where most affluent.  There is a mixture of all to go round. 

Consequently then, life doesn’t just throw up a scenario where the richest men hunt down the hottest women they can find irrespective to what social class she belongs to, and women don’t just screen for the richest men irrespective to his social standing, intelligence and smarts.  Both genders, if honest, will still prefer a partner who is of similar social class and overall brain cell parity.  Whilst most intelligent and rich men still prioritize female looks over anything else, there will be a yardstick to how low he will go in terms of how ditzy she can be.  Conversely, although a woman places the highest priority on a man’s wealth and status, if he is too clever in comparison to her, she will feel inferior and likely not be comfortable in venturing on.  Exceptions do exist within both dynamics, but my explanation is the normal course of events.

Q-tip 1:

The happiest relationships you may find consist of a top level British male footballer (soccer player) and his associated WAG.  First, he gains from her world class hotness, even if it is by and large enhanced through cosmetics over and above her natural beauty.  Second, she gains due to the vast money and public exposure/popularity that is brought into her life.  Third, and most relevant to this post, is that in >95% of the time they are both as thick as pig shit.  It is further likely that, in spite of the rich and famous lifestyle they are both now in, they both in fact originate from the same low social class raising.

Do my experiences align with this theory?

Unlike most men who will have met their girlfriends/fianc├ęs/wives (and any ex-girlfriends) within a social network (work, other friends, family links) prior to dating, I have met more than half my ex-girlfriends through non-social network links – whether that be in a bar, nightclub, gym, travel destination, shopping mall, or just on the street.  Nevertheless, in either case the respective woman has been of a similar social class.  I can only think of one that was a good couple of levels below, although her education accolades did surpass her somewhat then existing residence deprivation. 

Despite both my parents originating from extremely poor to poor childhoods, collectively they did bring me up in a slightly below middle class/middle class area.  So, whilst I will never forget, disregard and be unappreciative of what they had to go through, in essence my mind has always been of a middle-class person.

Whether through sheer coincidence therefore, or based on the far more likely reasoning behind how compatibility is manifested, I have nearly always ended up with women who are on a remarkably similar intelligence, educational and social class platform.  The times I have cold approached physically attractive women at varying environments, yet when they opened their mouths it is clear they are from a level (or two or three) below me in social class, intuition and savviness, it usually hasn’t gone much further. 

Part of this dead end would be down to my infuriated thought process of sitting with someone who clearly isn’t on my wavelength (although I have to be honest and confess that I would still venture on for short term mentality sex), but, in my opinion and assessment, as large a part is down to their reluctance to be with someone who makes them feel mentally inferior.  It also cannot be ruled out that, on the basis these women have predominantly, if not always, found themselves with lower social class and low intelligence men, they even found me boring.

A final thought

Taking all this into consideration, for the purpose of long-term girlfriend or even wife material, it would be more than prudent to seek out a woman who is on, or was brought up in, a similar social class level to you.  Anything below that could end up in frustration on your part, and inferiority on her part.  A woman looking up to a man in proverbial terms is always far more beneficial than looking down on him for the health of the relationship, but there is a balance that needs to be struck.

Did I mention a woman looking down?  On the rarer occasions when women end up with men of lower social class, it rarely ends well.  The typical scenario here could be when a woman has become fed up with her rich (but boring beta) husband, and she goes through a spell seeking out more edgy and sexually arousing (but likely far less affluent and of lower social class) men.  These men could often, but not always, be younger than both her husband and her. 

The problem with this dynamic is that the whole process is simply a phase on the woman’s part to make herself feel alive once more and make herself feel better about life (especially if she is past her prime physical attractiveness years and wants to feel better in herself to be with a younger man).  She doesn’t just wake up one day and think that a nice house, expensive clothes, lavish vacations, flash cars and an easy life is no longer what she wants, and in replacement for living in a basement with very little disposable income.  She desires the best of both worlds.

This is why, after a few weeks (or months at most), she becomes infuriated and fed up with the edgier but economically poorer man who can’t give her the life she once attained.  She either goes running back to hubby (who, if he has any sense doesn’t take her back and is on the path with a younger and hotter female replacement), or she seeks out a similar man to the husband in wealth and status terms.

If you do find yourself with this kind of woman who is of higher social class to you and has lived a life of wealth above what you can feasibly supply, or are willing to supply, then simply use her as a short-term mentality phase of a bit of no strings attached sex.  If you try for anything above this, far more often than not it won’t end how you most likely would like it to conclude.  

Q-tip 2:

Nonetheless, just because you ultimately locate a woman who is on the same social class to you does by no means allow you to think all roads will be clear and smooth.  Every woman - from any social class or intelligence degree - arrives with issues, mind games, manipulations, lies, and an uncontrollable requirement to put herself before anything else.  In a way, the higher social class and intelligent she is, the harder she is to please.

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