Thursday 29 January 2015

Women's opposing words and actions

“That man is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.”

A reader makes a point and question on the back of this previous post:

I fall in category 3 but have many cute and hot women interested in me even some who were taller than me. How do you explain this?

I guess the first question is your interpretation of "interested".  If this is in the form of stares, then it isn't too surprising.  A woman will still spot an impressive male face and body, assuming he isn't many inches shorter than her.

I'll go on the basis this interest is more than eye contact - hence relationships.  If so, I think I have explained why you will still attract cute and hot women who are shorter than you (although I would still expect at least 80% to reject you due to the female egoism issue). 

Age also plays a major part.  A good looking man with good physique who is interacting with high numbers of women aged 23 or younger will have less problems easing women's insecurities - hence make them willing to date him - than women in their mid to late 20s (or early 30s too).  At this tender age, women place more emphasis on male physical attractiveness and less priority on indifferent looking men who can provide for them and offer other non-visual offerings.

As for the critical part to your question - "some who were taller" - well, 3 possibilities:
  • If you are someone of high social status, then this will be the main reason.  Women, especially younger broads, place male social status above anything else.
  • Assuming you are not of high social profile, I would hedge a fair bet on these women being people you know personally, as you had the opportunity to promote your non visual (personality, charisma, etc..) blessings simultaneous to them taking oversight to you being shorter than their own comparison.  A woman will cut a good looking man slack who she wouldn't have done so if he was a man she only knows on an impersonal level.
  • They are very insecure women who still like to show off a bit of male totty.  As explained in the post, a man of 5ft 8" is not going to sexually attract close to as many women as his equivalent facial and body male peer of 6ft 1" height.  Women being women, are mass populated with high egoism, low trust and high insecurity traits.  Nevertheless, the opposing force to this is their need for social validation - in this case, your looks.  So it would make sense that this kind of woman satisfies both of her needs in being alongside an eye catching, even though shorter, man.

As if anyone reading blogs of this genre really needs to know, women are strange species.  They will allow a na├»ve man to be convinced that an exception existing inside their own living bubble is the normal course of events.  Men, astute men at least, look outside of their own spectrum and draw trends on what is unavoidable to see. 

So yes, in view of the reader’s question, exceptions to the norm do exist.  You just need to be careful when listening to women’s views on how they select their male preferences.

Only today, I heard a radio station news bulletin about how men take nearly double the amount of "selfies" than women.  There’s one big problem with this “evidence”.  That is, women lie tell fibs in order to protect their egos and social integrity.  Men, on the other hand, are far more honest and, if the truth be told, instinctive in answering without the thought of how the outside world will view their answers.

“When asked what prompted them to take the images made famous by the likes of Kim Kardashian, a quarter of men said they shared selfies to make an ex or a partner jealous, and one in 10 said it was to make themselves look more desirable.

Half the women said they took selfies to make others jealous, while only 7% took pictures to make themselves appear more desirable.”

So here you have the truth!  How can it be that women are far more conscious of looking, and needing to look, desirable than men, yet 3% more men take self-image photos than women.  I will say one thing though, and at least the female delegates were more honest about the jealousy reason. 

Q-tip 1:
When it comes to emotional topics or things that involve their moral value, women know not what they want, and they say not what they do.

Nevertheless, I will add one final point to the 25% of men who take selfies to get women jealous.  This will only be beneficial and productive if you are seen with women at least as physically attractive as your ex/the woman you are trying to attract.  As you know, women love competition and taken or pre-selected men, and the results of a photo with a desirable woman will only enhance your chances.

However, one important point aligns with the 10% of men (and I expect the truthful figure is higher) who said they took selfies to make them look more desirable.  This may catch a woman’s eye for a second or two, but it won’t make her like you any more than before.  Women aren’t tuned long onto a man’s physical appearance when she has nothing else to go on, and a very good looking man posing will only make her think he is a vain poser who is crap boyfriend or dating material.  In addition to this, if it is an ex, why would a glamorous picture make her want you back?  If she turned her back on the real thing, no photo in the world is going to persuade her to come running home.

Q-tip 2:
A man who starts off his intimate relationship with a woman by only believing what she says once she backs it up with actions, will be far more successful in dealing with the opposite sex than the man who is convinced what she says has to be the truth.

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  1. hey could you write about female body language and tell if they really fake it sometimes ? Can their conscious tendency to average looking men lead to "fake" body language ?