Wednesday 12 May 2021

Avoid at all costs


“A vision of authority protrudes external admiration.

 A vision of nerves creates external repulse.”


There are certain visions of men that bring about an emotion in me which is balanced between sympathy and disgust.  An example could be, for want of a better one, when you walk past someone who is wearing a clearly cheap cologne, yet it doesn’t hide the fact he hasn’t washed his armpits in a couple of days.

Unless you have been living in a cave for the last few years, pretty much any adult in the world will recognize the man in the above video.  Welcome to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – our very own Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (Boris Johnson to you and me!).

As far as status and profile is considered in the United Kingdom, it gets no bigger or influential than the Prime Minister.  The key word here is status.  There will be many businessmen, actors, sports stars, entrepreneurs etc who are far wealthier than BJ, but they wouldn’t be as well known.  Ask any adult (and most adolescents) who the random aforementioned celebrity or similar is, and only a percentage (depending on who he or she is) will be able to tell you.  Show a picture of Boris Johnson to this same group of people, and pretty much every single one will know it is him. 

Of course, without knowing him personally, I really like Boris Johnson on face value.  It’s been a tough time since he took over the realms, most notably guiding us (with a lot of good decisions compared to other countries) through the national epidemic and global pandemic.  He comes across as a genuine, decent, likeable and approachable guy, and that is my kind of person.  A lot of idiots working in middle/senior management or directorship - who think they are the bee’s knees basked in arrogance, self-importance mentality, and bully boy approach (because they have nothing other than their profession to stand out in life) – should take note. 

I even said to someone the other day that if Boris joined us for a pint, it would just be like him being one of the lads and he would easily blend in with the group and amusement.  My friend said that we would probably even talk more sense than him – a comment that made me chuckle but was perhaps a bit harsh.

Dreadful male body language and demeanour

Unfortunately, on this occasion, I need to pick on his act above to spell out how awful it portrays him.  A vision of this kind radiates neediness, nervousness, insecurity, supplication, jealousy, a lack of trust in being with a better-looking female partner, and a downright deficiency of confidence in his own existence, calibre, and sought-after status to other women.

Someone like Boris Johnson, even with the ridicule he would sustain for holding onto his fiancĂ©’s arm, can get away with this due to his Prime Minister label.  Many women would even give the “It’s so cute” crap because it shows how much he loves her and is protective of her.  Wrong.  Love and protection of a woman should not be construed as all the negative verbs illustrated above.  Love and protection are easy offerings to give a woman, effortless in their nature, but commanding, assertive and assured in her recipient mind.

Not to be confused with this previous post, a man should always strive to be in a position where his female partner, irrespective to whether it is his (new or long term) girlfriend, fiancĂ©, or wife, is the one uncontrollably and subconsciously (even unconscious to a point if in bed during the night/early morning) taking his arm, hand or otherwise.  When it is the inverse situation – him grabbing her – then there are only murky waters ahead at worse, or at best she puts up with it based on her ego being a bigger priority than her heart.


Be the man who only grabs his female partner’s hand when she is in a potentially vulnerable external scenario (hence a crowded environment), or when a dominant approach is required (hence towards the bedroom). 

A final thought

Some of you may be wondering why Boris Johnson would get away with this poor act of kind in relation to any other (non-famous) man off the street.  A longer explanation of this concept will be given in another post, however for now, I’ll simplify it in the way of how (post 23 years of age, and some younger too) women prioritize their requirements in what a man can offer them:

1)    Her survival (hence a man’s economic status producing a better life for her)

2)    Her ego/self-importance (his profile/status accordingly raising her status)

3)    Her sexual needs/inclinations for fulfilment (fundamentally picking the men who arouse her the most)

Obviously, Boris ticks the top two very highly.  Again, a more elaborated illustration of this female selection criteria awaits in a future post.


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