Sunday 2 February 2020

The ramifications of women’s online sex adventures

“Instant attention is short-lived.  The consequences of father time is undefeated.”

Anybody who has lived in the real world over the last decade will accept, for their favourable entertainment or conversely distaste of modern-day life, that there is a greater commonplace of young women taking part in online sex expeditions.  Some may claim they were unaware their unclothed experiences and exploitation of every single part of their sexual anatomy were going to be posted for a global audience to view, yet rest assured most would have been fully conscious of the final product, so to speak.

I’m not talking about professional female pornstars here.  They have different motives which are at least financially motivated, even though the longer-term consequences will be of similar ilk.  The purpose of this post is directed towards your “everyday girl” – some like me who you may know second-hand, or even first-hand.  For the want of a better definition – amateur porn.

The only starting place to even try and ascertain such foolish decisions is to analyse the motives behind why women will take part in online sex.  I offer you the following:
·       Attention.  Women are born to crave self-attention and be the talk of the town, and what better way to do this than rebelling against the norm and partaking in something seen as forbidden and outlandish.
·       As a by-product of the above, to stand out from the masses of female competition.
·       Misconception that it will make them more popular with men in the future, in naively thinking that showing off their full glory and sexual eagerness will attract, rather than detract, the vast majority of men men worth having.
·       Better sex.  As most women will be with average looking, average endowed and average sexually skilled men, an experience with a male act will most likely give her far greater orgasms in both number and intensity.
·       Sheer boredom in their small town life.  With a shortage of goings on and a lack of ambition in their existence, an urge to keep the flame burning will always be there.

Many of you will be crying out that I have missed off gaining money from the above list, and although I can’t totally disagree, there is a point to why I have deliberately refrained from it being a documented reason.  A woman off the street who posts an online sex adventure is unlikely to be ever seeing a sum of life changing revenue on the back of this.  Even those who sign up for a more established amateur porn site will receive a few thousand dollars at most, and whilst it is better than a kick up the arse, it can’t be seen as a worthwhile and justified compensation for the consequential risks that even the most unaccountable women in the world will know are to come.  If it was a six-figure sum, then yes, money could be seen as a motivation.  But as stated above, they are hardly in line for a cheque which will pay off a big car loan or to buy a trendy beach apartment.

What kind of social class girls?

It’s an easy, lazy and ignorant consensus – usually derived from the minds and voices of men who are too scared to stand up to women or face up to female misdemeanours in life (which is in fact, most men) – that all women who will process with online porn, irrespective to it being with their boyfriends or with a stranger, are lower class sluts.  Whilst I whole-heartedly agree that, based on my many years of direct and indirect experience with women, the vast majority of women who have high sexual partner counts and who are easier lays are from lower class backgrounds (and <7/10 in physical attractiveness), you will actually find a good percentage of online sex amateur women who range from middle to upper middle (and even in fewer case, upper class) social class.   

If you doubt such a view, take a few minutes in only listening to the voices of these women (and should you wish, watch further on!).  Any man with half a brain can determine from a woman’s voice what level of social class, intellect and educational background she belongs to.  Even in my neighbouring cities of Derby and Nottingham (which have a combined population of over half a million), it would only take me a few seconds in talking to a woman in being able to predict which suburbs her family upbringing resides from, and which suburbs she is definitely not from.  You don’t have to be a genius, or even skilled in female psychology or experienced with women in general, to ascertain this compartmentalisation. 

Therefore, it could be said that the percentage of attractive women from middle or above middle social class who make sex tapes outweighs the percentage of attractive women with high notch counts.  Simply put: women have a greater need for attention, validation and to feel better about themselves and better than their female competition, than the need for sex with many men.

The unconsidered consequences

And all this leads us to the most pertinent topic.  What are the consequences women will need to deal with should they choose this path as a result of mainly attention craving motivators?  Before this can be answered, the better question is why would women blind themselves from the ramifications prior to taking part in the first place?
·       The modern day society that results from shaming men and praising women – hence feminism or media brainwashing that women are dealt the misfortunes in life and men have all the luxuries – does not highlight enough the responsibility and accountability of female actions, no matter how muddy in the waters they choose to swim.
·       The modern day social media world we live in, where a woman’s self-objective value is over and above the reality of what she can offer – in the main down to female peer “likes” and insincere compliments (“you’re so beautiful, hun!”), and beta male ass kissing, blue balls desperation, supplication and sycophancy – results in a female mentality that her deliverables and actions are somewhat bullet proof to any possible, or probable, out-turn.
·       False female projection.  In association with the motive as explained earlier, a woman will think an online sex tape or otherwise will ignite men towards her.  In the same way women think men love bitches, female tattoos or being surrounded by other men (hence false female projection – women love jerks, tattooed and preselected men – so they wrongly believe men like the same or equivalent things in women), a woman will live in denial that men will like her less once she has revealed all for the world to see.
·       An absence of male leadership.  Where the young woman has been absent of a father in her life, or in particular absent of father firmness and punishment (hence he was there in spirit but not practice), women are left to stray with a mother who can see no wrong in her princess. Equally, a shortage of masculine and firm men as boyfriends / male partners result in women taking the piss.  This all manifests once more to a thought process that she can do whatever she wants in life, and all will be forgiven no matter what.

The problem is, women can only take advantage of men to a point.  It’s no hidden secret to clued up men that women in their prime attractiveness years of 18 to 23 (in particular those who are >6.5/10 in physical blessings) in the main can dangle a carrot, pull the strings and whistle the tune to >90% of men, such is the lure of female sexuality concurrent to male urge for sex.  With this in mind, there is very little women can do wrong – such as acting like a spoilt bitch, playing mind games, disappearing acts, blowing hot and cold, and flirting with other men – where negative impacts are placed upon them.  In other words, there will always be a man forgiving enough to stand by her, of if he is strong enough to put her in her place and move onto pastures new, another young man won’t be too far away. 

But even the most desperate, unwanted and low sought-after men draw the line somewhere.  It is one thing to put up with his girlfriend’s characteristic shortcomings.  It is another thing to turn a blind eye to dating or considering long-term plans with a woman he knows has slept with a few other men round town.  However, it is most definitely a no-go to be with a woman who has not only shown her naked body to a potential audience of millions (or billions?), but also being pulled from pillar to post by another man’s pork sword.  If that’s not humiliation of the furthest degree, then I don’t know what is.  If that’s not total disgust in contemplation to commit to a woman who took this path, then you really do have problems in life.  If a man thinks it is wise to view this woman as good long term hope, and believe me she will try and convince you how much she has changed and how much of an uncharacteristic mistake it was (strange, because I doubt an alcohol or stoned induced night coincides with professional or scripted cameras), then I pity you as a man as much as is possible. 

Q-tip 1:
Women don’t change from their natural character and tastes in life.  If you don’t like them in the first place, don’t ever go there, or simply go there with a short term “win-win” mentality.  It would be the most foolish of man to think she will change for you.

Where do I stand?

Honestly, all else equal I would never get involved with a woman I know has slept with many men than a woman who has slept with fewer.  Sounds obvious, but it needs to be clarified.  Likewise, naturally all else equal I wouldn’t get involved with a woman who has shown all to a worldwide audience than one who has not.  This isn’t to say that, if she was truly hot, I would cut my nose to spike my face and not take on the role of no strings attached sex with her.  Why knock a gift horse in the mouth?  Nevertheless, if she thought any kind of commitment would be forthcoming on my count, I’d suggest she goes find another sucker man.

And what about a woman’s future?

Once the first few days (or weeks at most) of boasting about the experience has worn off, the stupid woman now has to realize the reality of what she has brought on for herself.  Sure, some may be clever enough to not mention it to anyone, but based on her original motive of attention whoring, I would tend to think nearly all women want their local small town to find out.  Her parents and siblings, not so much.

Unfortunately, over the coming months the number of male suitors will diminish into almost nothing, with the exception of those using her as a cheap and easy lay.  Even unwanted men who are knowledgeable of her antics will rule her out as girlfriend material.  As for wife material, forget it.

The only real option for her is to move away and recreate a new identity.  Changing her name by default will help, but even if she finds a high calibre man thousands of miles away, how long until she has to bring him back to her old town?  It isn’t unaccustomed to see women who made these foolish decisions to cut their hair and have a couple of tattoos imprinted.  Conceal the old her, in with the new her.  It’s kind of ironic that she made this mistake of sexual exploitation when she was at her hottest, yet the mistake has caused her to take on actions that make her less physically attractive.  And the skeletons will never leave the closet, and the watching behind her back when the lights go out live forever. 

Why is it in the gender role reversal?

Unfortunately for women, there is no such way a man being seen with his junk out and having his cock sucked and ramming a woman's vagina or anal passage is any close near, if at all, detrimental to his future sex life, dating, long term relationship and marriage prospects.  I'd even go as far to say that a man off the street being seen having sex online could benefit his fortunes with women going forwards.

Why?  In easy explanation it all goes back to the preselection mentality that are polar opposites between men and women.  Men are not in the slightest more attracted to women who are seen with other men or who are notorious for sleeping around, and they will in fact repel from these women in preference of women seen with female friends only and not known for sleeping around (ideally men like women who have had two to three male sexual partners, even if this is pie in the sky hope in today's society).  On the other hand, the fact women are hard wired to be attracted to preselected men will only make them, even if in an irritable and uncontrollable way, want to be with men who have been seen having online sex even more.

Q-tip 2:
A man who has slept with inundated women can only draw or win.  He either has no negative or positive consequences with future women, or he likely has advantageous results.  A woman who has slept with numerous men can only lose in her quest for decent men to commit to her.

A final thought

Imagine being the father to this young woman.  You slave your guts off for twenty or more years in jobs you hate, in quest to give her the best upbringing, education, guidance and provisioning, and your two eyes are forced to watch your daughter humiliate you.  Kind of makes men who haven’t fathered become grateful, or those who have had sons to be relieved.

I stress fathers in being the biggest losers here, because it must be, without first-hand experience, the hardest gripe in the world to think you have failed in raising your daughter.  The only bigger gripe would be to see her humiliate you, with no or little remorse on her part, after all the sacrifices and endeavours you made.

Mothers will also be ashamed, but in a modern world where women in their 30's, 40's and even 50's are still acting in a maturity level comparable to their daughters, they kind of only have themselves to blame.  To an extent, anyway.  It wouldn’t at all surprise me that when the daughter, mother and father are forced to sit down for the first time in despaired conversation to what they will encounter, the mother defends the daughter and places all blame onto Dad.


  1. I agree and personally reaffirm your points in this article. I had the pleasure, or rather displeasure, of dating a woman such as this. To arrive at the point: upon "discovery" the relationship (friends with benefits) suffered a cardiac arrest... In other words, I ghosted her, got tested IMMEDIATELY, and never saw her again! Sad state of affairs because she was both from high society and smoking hot.

    1. Case in point once more. I guess you are lucky to be wise enough to know what women like her symbolize, have your non-commitment fun, and got the hell out thanking your lucky stars there are no scars left on you for the possibility of future better times. As my mother often said of past girlfriends - "you've had a lucky escape."

    2. "you've had a lucky escape." Hahaha XD