Saturday 12 November 2016

Smart men de-scale their wealth

“Never let a woman know how much money you have.”

As much as the above phrase stands out like a sore thumb in my memory, I cannot take credit for it.  This came from a reasonably wealthy gym buddy of mine about 5 years ago, and it was around the time I seriously commenced the transition from blue pill conditioned belief into red pill acceptance. 

The man I reference was in his early 40s, with smartness that justifiably matched his life experience.  That said, when it comes to male knowledge of female psychology, a red pill mindset, and carrying it out in practice (because some men nod their heads when reading posts such as this, but then choke and not deliver when it counts), the vast majority of men are still clueless or ignorant to reality.    

He was into property development, and attained a decent amount of good investments in his portfolio to assist the odd poor decision.  In the case of the latter, we all make those.  He knew I belonged to the camp, even as a blue pill man from years prior, with a distaste towards women who consciously sought after men with money, and equally he knew I didn’t think it was necessary or sensible to ever tell a woman how much you have.  He did end the topic of conversation with words to the effect that unfortunately, once married and with kids (which he was/had), this concealment can only go so far - even to the point where every card has to be shown.  I remember thinking then how much this predicament would send a shiver down my spine in the future, but maybe it would be me one day.

The customary man

It will come as no surprise to consistent readers of this blog when I point out that when it derives to making smart decisions in life, and in particular around the subject of their interface with women, men generally do the opposite.  Some learn over time, but most don’t.  Why?  Men are not comprehensive to what makes women tick, how the female mind works, and what ultimately radiates a happier life for both genders in the relationship.

Not dissimilar to how women lie to make themselves look better in the face of the watching and listening public, to enlarge their egos, and to protect their prides, men also tell porky pies in perhaps a less discrete fashion.  I always remember a former work colleague who looked slightly down at me from a height perspective, yet he claimed he was 6ft 2”.  Who was he kidding!  Penis size?  Well not that I’ve ever got involved in a conversation to this degree with another man, but equally I would expect most men, even if asked on an anonymous basis, would put an inch or two on.  How long do they last in bed?  Ditto, by five or ten minutes.  Earnings and assets?  This is where the lies really start, especially when they are trying to “impress” a woman they hold desires to get into her pants.

Don’t get me wrong, elevating your remuneration package does have benefits when used accordingly.  Unless hugely unhappy in your job, it is usually advantageous to tell a recruitment consultant that you are on ten percent or so more than what the pay cheque shows, as this will only make them seek out a higher paid future position for you.  Nevertheless, telling women you earn more or own more than actuality proves will only reap negativities over a sustained period of time for the following reasons:

  • A woman who is primarily interested in a man for his money, over and above any of the other couple of dozen metrics she considers in him, is fundamentally a woman who will love choose him for what he is and not who he is.  They say love has a sell by date, and it is probably decreasing for every year that passes by due to the modern day female demands, but rest assured that natural love will always trump money if you harbor ambitions to be in a happy relationship.
  • A woman’s psyche with money and gifts is essentially the same as a kid’s mentality with toys.  They will be appreciative in the moment of unwrapping, but the following day this gratitude will be less than the day it was presented.  The day after it will be appreciated less again, to the point where it is forgotten, and expectancy of a more expensive replacement is the requirement.  The more he gives her, the more she expects.  If you are a man happy to join this club, then be my guest, but I won’t be in the queue behind you. 
  • A woman needs a challenge with the man she is with.  This means a man can never allow her to believe she holds him in in the palm of her hands, that he can do no better, and that he will never leave her no matter how much of a beast she becomes.  A man who tries to win a woman over with money and assets is a man who takes this challenge away from her, and over time she will only become repulsed with his actions.
  • The female thought pattern of love and male selection doesn’t change over time.  It just simply adapts.  When you see a teenage girl with a loser boy who has not a penny to his name, even to the point where she would steal or sell to please him, this is a girl in love lust.  Just because this girl gets older doesn’t mean she becomes wiser.  She may say she has, but ultimately all that has happened is she has changed her priorities to offer herself a better life.  She is looking for the sucker who will give her this life.

Of course needless to say, but important to clear up, the great guys out there are men who strike the sweet spot balance.  These quality and savvy men maximize their earnings and assets potential, but do not put it on a conveyor belt platter for the woman they accompany.  Even if he earns a hundred fold her equivalent, he will ensure she still invests significantly in the relationship.  This may be a case of her only paying for every third or fourth outing together, and it may just be paying for the movies or something low cost, but she has still exerted some of her energy and expenditure instead of always being the recipient. 

Why do men try and impress women through their wallets?  Pure and simple, most men cannot attract most women worth having (7/10 or greater physically attractive woman) by the means of his physical attractiveness, his confidence/attitude/personality/charisma, his dress style, or his profile.  They think that by giving her bullshit about what he has will impress her.  It may at first, but it is a monster with a belly that only gets bigger, and never shrinks.

Caveat to all the above

Now a very smart man can use the conversation of his vast amounts (even if fallacy driven) of money to get a woman into bed.  If he leads with a short term mentality, this is not a bad tactic at all.  As the modern day woman is appealed to wealth in so far as it will benefit her directly and indirectly, more women than not will be attracted rather than put off by his words of a pound note or two.  Some women may see through the porkie pies, but generally speaking most women (and a high percentage of the best looking women have a low intelligence level) will at the very least want to know more.

Nevertheless, unlike a very high status man - who has proven popularity, wealth, profile, and pre-selection validity via other women - a man unknown to the target woman boasting about his cash will hardly ever get her (on the basis she is a woman worth having) to open her legs for him on that first meeting.  She will need further proof before taking the risk and later “accidently” forgetting her contraceptive pill in hope to get pregnant to the supposed rich man she has found.  In fact this thought leads me to further unplanned advice.  If she does fall for your cunning plan, make sure you use a condom.    

On the assumption she won’t fall for it straight away, you will then somehow need to pick her up in a decent car and come up with a story that doesn’t ever lead to the necessity in going to your modest residence.  Or you could devise the fact you are here on business, and hope she sleeps with you before any pursuit of the big 10 bedroom mansion she perceives you to own.  The hotel room will cost money that shouldn’t need to be spent, as a woman attracted to you for who you are will drop her knickers down a side alley of a Chinese restaurant, but that choice is yours.  In essence, a man trying to impress a woman via money is on a hiding to nothing, and time will not appease him in the slightest.


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