Saturday 23 July 2022

Women and phones in the gym


“When you reward failure, you create a moral hazard.”


Whilst this is nothing new, it has struck my attention more in the last few months than ever before in terms of the whole female obsession with their phones.  A bit like most of technological evolution, the benefits far outweigh the negatives, however the big negative is the ever-growing demise of human individuality and personality, deficiencies in interaction/social skills, and strong reduction in general individual confidence.

Why are women so obsessed with their phone?

I’ll bullet point the main reasons:

·       In relation to the explanation above, a phone acts as a comfort blanket to mask a woman’s low self-confidence level, inability to engage in eye contact with anyone she isn’t on personal terms with, and a source to not provide any level of unique character and portray of her existence in respect to how she can (and should) pleasantly carry herself out.

·       Women are fixated in being part of an “in-crowd”, and they are natural followers.  This links into an ardent desire (or at least a need to fit in and not miss out) to be part of as many social media goings on in their little networks as possible.  This acts as a default for many women to have an automated process to look at their phone every five seconds.

·       Women have a need to convince others, and themselves, that they are so busy, fast-paced, and with little time to give to others.  The reality is that a woman is never half as busy as she would like to think she is.  With this in mind, once more a mechanized delivery is to go to the phone on any given occasion in order to convince her busy life is such the case.

·       Similar to the busy natured mindset, a woman equally has a prerequisite to show others and herself that she is so popular to the world, and that everyone wants a piece of her.  Again, in practice she isn’t even half as popular or in demand as she would like to be.  With eyes glued to the phone concurrent to tapping away with messages, she can assure herself in a fallacy world that she is the most socially popular girl in town.

Q-tip 1:

A woman is never as busy or popular as she tries to, either directly or indirectly, convince the world around her.  Likewise, her world is not as full of drama as she holds desires for it to be.  This act can form a depressive mindset to many na├»ve men, especially men who are clingy and not experienced with women or men who are not sought-after by women, as said man believes she doesn’t have the time for him to satisfy his supplicated ways.

Of course, a man who knows women in a psychological manner, assisted heavily with his real-world experience around them, rises above this female act to play it to his advantage.  First, he basically ignores her vain attempts to emphasize her busyness, to the point where he makes her believe he isn’t bothered one bit if she is super busy or not.  Water off a duck’s back, one could say.  Second, he shows that he is actually busier than her, and flips the script to where she is convinced that it is in fact her who needs to fight for his time.  Women are always more sexually attracted to a man when it is her chasing him, and not the inverse.

The downside of her phone in the gym

Ultimately then, it is easily established why women hold an obsession with their phones.  In essence, it isn’t so much being obsessed with the phone per se, as much as being immersed in the need to conceal her weaknesses and promote her popularity. 

Nevertheless, if I could take a phone off a woman for just one hour in the day, it would be during the time she is on the gym floor.  I’m a busy guy with all things considered (granted, I have alleviated this to an extent over the last couple of years), but I have made it a compulsory action to never take my phone into the gym.

The reason behind this is quite simple.  Anyone who knows the first thing about gym training – and the conditions to optimise the results to attain the best body shape feasible – will know that the peak results are a ramification of a robust mind-muscle connection for every second you are within the four walls of the gym.  This includes:

·       Full mental concentration of each repetition or move.

·       During motion, visualising the end-product to the body you aspire to attain.

·       Short rest periods.

·       No (or extremely limited) conversation with anyone during your workout.

·       Stretching between sets/rest period.

·       No distraction or external thoughts that compromise the next set.

·       No frustration in your mind that compromises maximising the muscle-mind coordination.

·       No thinking (prior, during, or post a set) of something else to do after the last repetition.

·       No stress of external factors in your life (unless you can direct this to your advantage).

·       No eradication of mind-muscle connection due to work or social hassles.

And this is where the problem sits with most, including the most physically attractive percentage, women in the gym.  They just about fail on each one of the points I highlight above.  A predominant part to this is because of the distractions and obstructions a phone produces in preventing a woman from achieving the best outcome possible from her session.  And this basically means she cannot accomplish the best body she can plausibly show off.

Are women aware of this?

First of all, not many women strike me as knowing the first thing about mind-muscle connection when it derives to successful gym training practices.  I’d tend to think the nearest thing they could relate to mind-muscle is how quick her brain functions to her finger in striking the emoji button.

Second, even if they were aware of what they need to do in order to achieve optimum results, I think that the whole automatic thought-process to get her head down (to avoid any eye contact or human interaction) to the phone once her set has finished would rule priority over all else.

Third, whilst women (mainly the most physically attractive women) are ultra-competitive with each other in respect to inclinations to look better than their female peers, the motivation to train as productive as possible, in conjunction to consuming a healthy nutritional routine, is negated a good deal by the knowledge that there are innumerable mediocre men out there who will happily accept (and often be happier, such is most men’s insecurity in being with a hotter woman) her for carrying a few more pounds than she needs to.

A final thought – men and phones in the gym

Whilst on a median basis they are not close to the phone obsession and time-consuming level as women in the gym, there are still way too many men in there that I’ve seen who spend excessive schedule on their phones.  The majority of these men would be under twenty-five in age, but there are more than a few considerably above this age too.

Part of this reason, in my view, is because a high percentage of men have almost become a male version of a woman in terms of low confidence and in lacking originality.  Like women, men have become sheep and followers of what everyone else is doing.

Another reason is because they possibly feel that women are attracted to men who replicate what women do.  It’s almost like men have been convinced that, if you want to attract a woman, you need to show as many common practices with women as possible.  Pitiful if you ask me, but most likely sadly true.

Finally, most men also believe, with some anecdotal justification, that the best way to get into women’s pants is to be part of women’s social network gatherings.  This will often start with WhatsApp groups or similar.  Whilst this isn’t for me, I’m not going to be a total hypocrite as I do state that the best way to open doors to women’s open legs is to be part of their social assemblies.  Don’t get me wrong, women mainly use men in this respect for attention and to expand their social numbers and perceived status and popularity, but a minority of men will have some sexual luck this way – even if the woman didn’t find him at all sexually attractive at first.

Q-tip 2:

Women, whilst never admitting to this, are most sexually attracted to men who act in the opposite way to how women themselves act, and equally contrasting to how most other men act.  The reason women don’t admit this is because most men act in the way they (women) don’t want them to act.  With this considered, most women will end up with men who act like they don’t want them to act.  Sheer numbers logic, one could summarize it.  They will then say this is exactly the kind of man they desire. 

I guess, after all, pride is the biggest obstacle to overcome.  In the meantime, women will settle for what they locate in abundant numbers.

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