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Male relationship status and consequential female projected attraction

“Always believe in Adam and Eve, as what you see is the way it will be.”

All else equal, this is the order from strongest to weakest to illustrate how women are attracted to men’s relationship status:

1)   When a woman knows a man personally, and he has an impending wedding with another woman.
2)     When a woman knows a man personally, and he has recently become a husband.
3)     When a woman knows a man who has a girlfriend.
4)     When the woman in 1) and 2) knows the man, and he has been in a marriage for a  considerable (1 year +) time.
5)     When a woman does not personally know a man (but she knows of him), and she    sees him with a wedding ring on.
6)     When a woman personally knows a man and he is single.
7)     When a woman does not know a man in any way, shape or form, and he is single.

The key phrase here is “all else equal”, closely followed by “generally speaking”.  This is important to emphasize, as like anything in life there are exceptions.  For example, if a man is from the top 2% to 3% of physically attractive men out there – in facial features, body profile and height – the appeal of him being married or to become a husband is not as big a draw in comparison to an average looking (or even ugly) man.  The same applies to a famous man or even a man with a high local social status, irrespective of his looks.  In both cases this is because men who are already striking women’s attention possess a level of unattainability in the eyes of >95% of women, and if they are willing to consider taking things further with him, they need a feeling of hope.  If a man of blessed looks or social standing is tied down, most women will feel they cannot compete with his girlfriend/wife (otherwise why would he be with her in the first place if she wasn’t already the most sought-after woman out there?).

But I’ll explain in most cases why the order applies:

1)   In scenario 1, a woman is never more challenged than when she could show the world her value is so great that she can prize away a man who has the big day ahead of him.
2)   Although in scenario 2 the feelings are still high, it is slightly reduced in respect to scenario 1 because the primary challenge was to prevent him from walking down the aisle.  Nevertheless, if she could prize him away early in the marriage, she will still believe she is the princess of all princesses.  
3)   Scenario 3 is still high due to the preselection verification the man attains, however women in general terms would not find him as appealing in contrast to him as a husband.
4)    Scenario 4 is lower than 1 and 2, because by now her ego has been so damaged over time that she has most likely turned her attentions towards another man in scenario 1 or 2.
5)    Scenario 5 is a little more complex.  Although women love the emotion of intrigue and mystique, in today’s world where women hide behind their own social circles – both primary and secondary – in thinking the only world that exists is one where people know her, women have a greater attraction onto men they know than men they don’t know (again, stressing the all else equal phrase).  Therefore, the man in scenario 5 falls below those in 1 to 4, but considerably higher than scenario 7.
6)    Women are least attracted to single men as in scenario 6, but providing he isn’t a complete loser the feeling of social network comfort and safety beats the unknown.  
7)    Pure and simple, women in this day and age, especially those from the upper regions of female physical attractiveness, find single men who they do not know personally the least appealing in terms of taking things further.

I like to look at this in a three-stage process.  First, promote your non-single relationship status, especially if your better half is at least as attractive as any female onlookers.  If you are not in a relationship, discretely mention recent ex-girlfriends.  Second, a strong social network that consists of attractive women (whether first or second hand) will bring about far easier access to female appeal onto you.  As pathetic as this is, a woman likes the thought of telling her friends she is involved with a man they (her friends) are knowledgeable of.  A man they do not know does not, at least in the beginning, hold that same status.  Third, if you are a single man who, whether within or beyond your feasible control, does not hold a strong social network, strive to work on other aspects within your power that mitigate landing in scenario 7.  This will come in the form of working out at the gym, presenting yourself well with good styling (hair, clothes, skin, scent), and maximizing your career potential in both status and earnings terms.

I have recently left a company where my direct colleague announced his engagement at the back end of last year, with the wedding taking place in late October of this year (a couple of weeks before I was put on gardening leave with no notice served).  This man is above average looking in facial terms, slightly overweight (cuddly fat rather than transparent blubber), and not a fraction above 5ft 7”.  He turned 30 in June, and I have recently been informed by a former employee in the know that he is significantly paid below the average at that company.  To say he kisses the asses of other men with higher status is an understatement, and his lapdog character is in sync with his need to have other male role models in his life.  What ever happened to being your own man?  I could manufacture a better man out of the parsnips served up on Christmas Day. 

Despite all this, it was clear as a summer’s day that a few of the more fuckable women who worked there (nothing special, just a few 6.5’s to 7’s) started to give him pronounced increased attention over the last nine months prior to my departure.  I couldn’t first hand tell you whether he has since rolled down the order as illustrated above, but just your general knowledge to how women emotionally act will confirm I’d be on the money.

As a side issue, one of the half-decent looking women I reference at my former company is at least 5ft 9” (she is 25 years in age).  When done up I’d say she is a solid 7/10.  Her boyfriend is a good-looking guy, although an inch or so shorter than her in height.  For the record, they got together when she was 15 (he is now 28 or 29), somewhat backing up my point that women are far more likely to date the hottest guys at a younger age.  She not long ago was salivating over another short guy who visited the office. 

My point to this ending is on two fronts.  First, look at the difference in the same woman from 15 to 25 in age.  At 15 she went for the hottest (and most likely one of the most popular in her crappy little town) guys, yet at 25 she is perhaps strategizing that her next boyfriend will be far more mediocre in physical rating.  The talk was it will not last much longer with her current man.  If he hasn’t committed to her after ten years, the likelihood he never will – with her anyway.  Second, if ever there are shorter than average men out there who think women will only date men as tall or taller than them, then think again.  There are many a tall woman who considers the detriments in being with a taller man in the long haul – mainly because of negative impactual thoughts in birthing a tall daughter – and consequently she will look for men an inch or two shorter than herself. 

A final thought

As a final thought and for further illustration that men are immensely different to women in consideration to relationship status selectivity, this would be the order in gender opposing relative terms.  From strongest to weakest attraction once more, all else equal:

6) and 7) are joint strongest.  Much depends on whether he simply wants a fresh start or not, and how confident he is in meeting new people.  My personal preference is 7).
1), 2) and 4) all joint weakest.

I wouldn’t argue with anyone if 3) and 5) swopped places.  In fact, 5) – a married woman I don’t know and without a kid – has in admission over the last year or so become a more appealing proposition to me, albeit still in acknowledgement it is not ideal.  This is providing she meets the physical attractiveness criteria, which most likely means she married early (early to mid-20’s) in adult life.  The reason women in this bracket have become more appealing to me is on two fronts:  First, a woman who has been married does, by and large, not have the strong hurry or inclination to tie down a man who will commit to her and give her the big exhibition day.  That tick in the box has been fulfilled with another sucker, and she is far more interested in passion and fun in the short and medium term at least.  Second, most women will have married a boring and average looking nice guy, and they are far more open to take things on with men who have high sex appeal in comparison to unmarried younger women on the lookout for he who will provide her with a wedding day and, providing she is not totally repulsed by him, children. 

Simply put though with a blank piece of paper to write on, men desire to be with women holding no marital (impending or actual) baggage when they become involved with women.  This also applies for one-night stands or short-term flings, although the care of her relationship status for these matters are hugely shrunk in contrast to a longer-term consideration.  Likewise, >99% of men would much prefer a woman who is single over one who has a boyfriend. 

If ever you choose to study just one difference that exists between women and men, analyze it from a pre-selection and relationship status viewpoint.  This will serve as your foundation for progression in understanding women, and ultimately becoming far better in dealing with them to ultimately give yourself a happier and more productive life.

Happy new year to you all, and all the best of happiness and health for 2019.

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  1. wow...have you ever thought about writing some book,based on your posts?'ve gained hard knowledge thru experience,and your solid understanding of how women act mostly as ..blind robots,,..
    But than a red pill
    Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) explains to Neo that the Matrix is an illusory world created to prevent humans from discovering that they are slaves to an external influence. Holding out a capsule on each of his palms, he describes the choice facing Neo:

    This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill—the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more!
    Happy new year my friend! write the book now...