Saturday 10 September 2016

What’s in it for me to get married?

“He who refuses to accept the truth, is he who lives in vain hope to erase eternal envy.”

For men who have studied game concepts, red pill tuition, female emotional psychology, or just opened their eyes to see the truth once or twice in life, it will come as no fall off your seat statement that most men (probably somewhere between 80% to 90% of men) live in the world of blue pill swallowing when it derives to their views on women.  It’s strange to then think that some of these men come across as bitter, pessimistic and negative towards life in general, because you would think that if someone is prepared to face up to life’s tribulations, inconsistencies, unfairness and hypocrisy, they would find it more than adaptable to see women for who they are.  It probably has something to do with being obsessed with what a female possesses between her legs, and allowing this one factor alone to cloud their judgment. 

Of this vast majority percentage, some men are fundamental lapdogs who try and make out they are the boss in the relationship.  If you ever see that gobby, loud, brash big guy who makes out he has loads of women on the go and that he is in control of any woman in his company, yet then you curiously overhear him creeping up to her and apologizing pitifully on the phone, then this is your man.  It doesn’t matter how many tattoos you put on a man or how much bullshit he tells his mates, the only thing that matters is how he acts when with the respective female partner.

Much to do with the illustration of the above explained kind of guy is due to oneitis mentality that men hold.  Most men are run of the mill when it comes to attracting the opposite sex - certainly when it comes to attracting members of the opposite sex who are physically attractive enough in worth committing to – therefore when they land their dick in a moist pool they forget that women are indeed interchangeable and replaceable.  Even for every beautiful woman, there is a man who is tired, or will be one day tired, of dipping in the same puddle. 

Even men who do acknowledge that one woman is just one commodity can relinquish much of this necessary mindset if poor moves are made in life.  Ultimately, having children, whether through choice or female contriving, will tame a man that bit more than before.  If he sticks around and builds a family, his freedom to participate in much of the activities undertaken in pre-parentage life vanishes.  It’s never a bad time to remind men that women, despite their claims to the contrary, find a man more sexually attractive before he becomes a father to her child.  It’s worth repeating the “her” part to the last sentence.  Nevertheless, most other women will find him more attractive as a father, and this fatherhood label can be used beneficially if he is clued up enough to know why.

Q-tip 1:
Don’t be fooled by words from a woman claiming she has never found her man sexier since becoming a father to her child.  What he has ultimately done, in the short term only, is make her like him more for giving her what her maternal (and social network exploitation) instincts hunger.  Fatherhood makes men less masculine in human behaviour, and over time this reduced masculinity results in reduced sexiness – to the mother.  On the other hand, women outside the mother of his child find him sexier than before, because women are naturally and uncontrollably drawn towards what is more forbidden.  A man who is a father is more off limits, in theory, than a non-parent man.   

However, far more damaging than fatherhood is marriage.  Not dissimilar to pre and post becoming of a parent, the respective woman loses attraction towards her now husband in comparison to her once boyfriend.  Women are most charming when they have something to fight for, earn or accomplish, and they lose this charm once acquired.  Nothing epitomizes this more than marriage.  Once she has got what she came for, the man has very little more to offer her other than a family – something else she uses him for priority of her plans, ahead of the love of he, family life together, or his needs.

Then consider a near one in two divorce rate, and the less loyal, and more self-obsessed and selfish modern day woman that is commonplace of today.  Every woman will pronounce the vows for vows’ sake on the big day, but they will give up on the marriage at the first opportunity and leave without a tear in her eye.  In the meantime, the likely scenario of the man financially contributing far more into the bond over the years will disappear before his eyes.  She gave up on their partnership first, but she takes what I put in, he may ask in bemusement.  Unfortunately, this is just the way it is, say the court laws.

Male peer pressure

Of course, if most men belong to the blue pill world, it is a given to say that these men feel more comfortable in a world where as many men as possible join the commitment and marriage line.  The more married men in society, the less, in theory, men there are for their wives to cheat with.        

A man like me, whilst never saying never, who would not get married through choice, receives a lot of pressure from the typical married man.  My answer/question is always one of: “How can marriage benefit my life?” - to which this is usually followed by a pause and quiet acceptance of my point. 

Some men though are more aggressive on this non-conforming subject. I recently had a discussion with an early 60’s man at the gym who thinks it’s time I popped the question.  Again, my dismissal is intimated at putting if off as long as possible. He replied by questioning what if she gives me an ultimatum, to which my response is I’d have to strongly question whether she is the right person to place someone into a corner in such a way.  After more pointless reasoning by him, I just said “There are another million beautiful women in the world.”  He has been a little cold shouldered since that conversation.

Final thoughts

And I’d sum this up by using a married 60 year old man as a good example.  He’s out of touch with the modern day: 
  • For one, less people are getting married year on year, replaced instead by shared living arrangement to compensate. 
  • Second, men have far more alternatives today to mitigate the need or desire for marriage.  Women also have more options to abstain, but I still think that the general female craving for marriage is just as high, if not higher, than it ever has been.  It’s just that less will fulfill this dream due to male boycotting and refusal to conform to society preferences. 
  • Third, weddings, marriage, family life, and satisfying female materialism and status needs are out of the lion’s share of men’s economic capabilities.  Many men are assessing the benefits to consequences scenario, with the latter thoughts far outweighing the former in both number and magnitude.
  • Fourth, women are becoming less attractive – both aesthetically and in personality terms – for men to put their necks on the line like once before. 
  • Fifth, and probably most important, is the fact that previous generations of married men are now coming forward, whether in general anecdotal chit chat with their buddies or anonymous online guidance, to warn younger men at the prime marriage age (early 20’s to mid 30’s) about the rigours and risks of married life (mainly their wives getting fatter, sexually withdrawing, and becoming more miserable), and inevitable divorce (emotional, psychological and financial negative implications). 
Q-tip 2:
The best advice about marriage rarely comes from a current, even if unhappy, married man.  His pride and desperation for marriage survival will cloud his honest words, up until he reaches breaking point.  The most genuine, effective and pertinent advice will arrive from the mouths of divorced men, simply because they no longer need to protect their wives or live in vain hope of a brighter day.  They have accepted the truth, and conceded their mistakes.  This is why many men in their 30’s, 40’s or 50’s will tell you that, if they were 10, 20 or 30 years younger, they wouldn’t go through marriage again. 


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