Saturday 23 July 2016

Women and nose studs

If you’re going through something, get through it.  Nobody’s going to do it for you.

I took a stroll through Derby city centre one random Thursday morning the other week.  It was no later than 10am after a quick meeting, and as I walked back down the cobbled street I saw a very attractive looking blonde haired woman walking in the opposite direction.  She was dressed well, had wavy blonde hair (not sure if natural blonde, but who cares), long fake red nails, a pretty face, and a curvy figure.  She looked in my direction as the moment passed too quickly as it always seems to in life.  On another occasion, perhaps if walking in the same direction, I would have spoken to her with light chit chat in order to assess her personality and intelligence levels, but instincts, time and mood were not on my side.

However, in spite of all her admirable visual features, one thing that stood out, negatively, was a nose stud.  I’m not for a minute saying that, in a fairytale world, had she offered me a free lay on a platter there and then I would have turned it down based on seeing this accessory of hers.  Of course not.  What it did achieve was to leave a liking of her below what my threshold was prior to noticing it.

I doubt I’m alone in this diminished predilection within the general male population view, but the numbers of women with nose pierced objects observed have grown significantly in recent years.   Outside of women who are obligated to sport them due to religion or culture, what do nose piercings actually accomplish?

  • Do nose studs or rings make women look more physically attractive?  No. 
  • Do they make women more bangable?  No, because unlike the intricate tattoo on the lower back, ankle or foot, I can’t think of many men who would develop a harder erection on this basis. 
  • Do they assist women in illustrating an emblem of good girlfriend or long-term relationship material?  Err, absolutely not. 
  • Do they allow women to think they can stand out more, look more unique than their female peers, and put a picture of the ridiculous thing on social media?  Yes.

The vast majority of men, who want to and try to impress women, fail in doing so because they are incomprehensive to what makes women tick.  Most men would change their failing habits if they grew a pair and learned or accepted the bitter truths that involve female habits, motivations, and likings. 

The same naivety cannot be said for women.  Due to better instincts and innate survival traits, the vast majority of women are completely aware what enforces men to be most attracted to them.  It’s only their prides and internal (and often external) voice fibs telling them anything opposite to the truth they already know. 
So if women are understanding to what makes men like them the most – for both sex and longer term prospects – yet they choose to engage in silly decisions like wrongful tattoo positions or nose piercings, the question begs to why they pro-act in this way:

  • As touched on above, women have an uncontrollable competitive urge to out-do each other.  A nose stud, even if not for a long spell in wearing it, gives a woman this identity over and above her competition for this period of time.
  • Many women at a younger age (16 to 23) have a greater urge for self-projected attention than the lure to attract the best quality boyfriend.  Such is the abundance in young women’s social, sexual and romantic options – due to being at their hottest, simultaneous to the swarms of horny and desperate men of same age – they can afford to take this strategy.  Although women are always after attention, as they get older there becomes a greater need to locate a long term male partner – therefore they will usually make wiser and more rational decisions.
  • Up to the age of 35, or 40 at an absolute push, the average woman is more valuable and desirable than the average man.  Even though a random woman is only average scale in beauty (and average also in any other less relevant attractiveness metrics), the random man in this same age bracket falls even below this female mediocrity benchmark.  This results in men having to try harder for women's attention, affection, sex, and love, in comparison to women trying in the same way with men.  Ultimately, the by-product of male excessive exertions manifests in being more forgiving.  So the run of the mill man will give leeway to a woman wearing a nose stud, even though deep down he won’t find it attractive.

In essence, women can get away with poor choices such as noise pierced studs or rings and tacky tattoos due to holding the keys to the doors of love up until a certain age.  At 20, a woman can get away with near on all of her poor choices.  At 25, she could probably still get away with the poor choices she made at 20 with most men, but now her first phase obsession to find “the one” is in place, she will intricately adjust somewhat to suit.  At 30, poor decisions made will detrimentally impact on the route to find her soulmate, as a larger proportion of men now give her less leeway than the oversight these men took on her younger self.  At 35, the rubbish choices she makes will deter more than half the men she would settle for, and she starts to find (even if not accept) that far more men are now turning the other way.  At 40 and beyond, a poor option she takes will only be forgiven by the garbage of male existence.

The moral to all this?  A woman should make her top heavy poor choices at the youngest age possible, if securing sought after men is a bigger draw to her than attention-seeking ego thrills she may acquire in the short term.  Better still, to not make poor choices at all…  

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