Friday 22 May 2015

18 year gap is not enough in Hollywood

"For better or for worse, we will always tell each other what we want to hear."

As a brief post for the weekend, I came across this online article a few minutes ago that simply caught my eye by the mere heading:

Maggie Gyllenhaal: I Was Told 37 Is ‘Too Old’ for a 55-Year-Old Love Interest

For once, maybe we should applaud Hollywood casting directors et al for having the balls to be honest.  As movies, novels and TV shows are designed to suit the female ego and good feeling in the morning, afternoon and night, even by clouding women (and men for that matter) of the truth, it did surprise me to see this headline and explanation.  What's perhaps more enlightening is the actress herself confessing to this irritable circumstance, although sympathy votes, sour grapes and retribution on the film is probably the greater motive here.

Now I don't know the plot of the film, and I care little if it is released or not.  On the basis of justifying her unsuitability, it doesn't take too many brain cells rattled together to establish that it probably consists of the usual rich, powerful, high status man as the forefront character.  As his co-lead sidekick, she will need to fit the bill in terms of the typical symbol of a trophy wife female partner who men with these privileges will go for in the modern day. Unfortunately for the actress in this case, the only way a 37 year old woman could satisfy his predilections would be to look younger and hotter than her.  

So ultimately, the film has two options.  They either acquire a woman who is around the mid-30s to 40 mark - hence keeping it politically correct and realistic as possible - who looks younger than this chronological age, or they bite the bullet and take on a woman in her mid to late 20s (or early 30s at worst).  This is the simple way of the world with rich and famous men - they can secure these women with effortless closed eyes ease.  

As for the real world?  Well, as regular readers should know by now, I don't take sides of men or women.  The latter may argue this claim, but when you take a step back you will concede that truth, reality and, most importantly, real life observations are what I document.

With this in mind, it is only fair to do exactly that - speak about what is seen.  We all live in different sized towns or cities, with different dynamics that impact on how women and men will cohabit, but generally speaking you will not see many 55 year old men in the course of your visually active year alongside 37 year old women or younger.  Men who claim this is a frequent offering are lying, or they will be playing the female tendency of vying for social validation (e.g. - "I have loads of buddies who date women 20 years younger than them...").  Or it is often wishful thinking to what may happen.  But in simple numbers reality, there aren't enough high quality men in this age bracket to back up such fiction.    

Women will say this age gap is not possible outside of fame, but again, they are blinding their objectivity by the female defaulted ego and agenda attached to their visor.  It is undeniably rare, but still feasible.  When may it happen?
  • When the man looks 10 years plus younger than what is shown on his birth certificate. If she is attractive (in respect to how attractive the perennial 37 year old woman off the street can look), then he will need to have a good level of financial assets.  If she is nothing more than mediocre, this younger looking 55 year old man could be an average earner.
  • If the man is in a high charged position within a company, and the 37 year old woman (who could be decent looking and younger than 37) works there.  When this is the scenario, the power he can illustrate will attract her more towards him than many men of her own age.
  • When the 37 year old woman is physically unattractive or plain, and she has very limited options with men of all ages.  An older man will appreciate her more than men in her age bracket.
  • Money reasons - think Thai brides or similar.
  • Women (even some hot and cute women) who have incredibly low self-esteem and a high necessity to feel valued in the world.  Again, a man 18 years her senior will make her feel better about life and spend lots of dollar on her.

There may be other reasons with a little further extensive thought, but forgive me that I'm in a hurry to get to the pub.  But with my grading standards on female physical attractiveness, you will next to never see a man in his 50s with a hot woman half his age - in the real world. 

Nevertheless, and in consideration to the above points or ones you can come up with, reverse the dynamic.  Ever seen it happen the other way round?  I bet less than a handful of times in your lifetime.

Stories of this nature may upset people, mainly women post 30 of course, but it is far easier grasping the dirty reality of what happens in the world and dealing with it accordingly.  You can sail the ship of fallacy in a calm sea, but eventually you will capsize once the inevitable storm arrives.  If you choose to accept what really happens in life, a life-jacket will always be within the grasp of your survival.


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