Saturday 28 February 2015

Weekend morning gym girls

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”
(Anthony Robbins)

Something that always brings a rise smile to my face is the demeanour and body language of women when they walk into the gym once kitted out.  I’m not talking about positive emotion on my part in view of attractive sites either.  Sure, there is the usual 1% to 2% who do catch my eye, but by and large it isn’t a lot better in beauty stakes than walking the streets or entering any other social venue, outside of weekend bars and clubs when the benchmark raises a little.  And as a guy who has been a member of the same “health centre” for over half a dozen years, I have to add that the standard of women has slowly decreased year on year.

With isolated exceptions, these women strike up common trends in their nervous approach to the first exercise machine.  Whether hefty or slim, pale or dark, pretty, plain or ugly, the traits of self-consciousness, insecurity, trepidation and fear (yet false belief) that everyone is looking on at them are all there and clear to see.  Like usual, women will get away with these deficient mannerisms, because men are born in vast proportion with innate and developed mindsets to idolize one so great who sports a hole between her groin regions.

Why are women so anxious when striding into the gym?  Why do they look down at their IPods or phone if walking in alone?  Why do they appear far more comfortable when in female or boyfriend company?  I offer you these main 3 explanations:
  • Women are natural followers.  Very few are born leaders or formed with confidence to stride on without a care to external social observations or opinion.  With this in mind, the gym will be the most prominent social venue in a living week where they rarely have a shoulder lean to on for safety in numbers security.  When a bird flies alone when usually accustomed to a flock of companions, the uncomfortable feeling this manifests brings about an unnatural way of acting, when in turn it should be a subconscious care-free delivery.
  • Women are concerned about what the outside world thinks of their existences.  Nothing illustrates this more than a requirement of social validation.  Why do you think they unofficially fight amongst themselves to who can attain the most social network “friends” or “like” comments?  Again, lonesome identity can leave them in fear of how everyone perceives their level of importance.
  • Fat and overweight girls can’t hide the flab.  Pale girls are unable to, in realistic terms, lay a load of foundation on their layers after a day at work to conceal the pasty reflection.  Cute and hot girls, whilst standing out in relativity, will look mediocre in comparison to their dolled up appearance for the office or a night out.  In all cases, self-doubts will never be more susceptible than the hour long cardio, weights or flex activities.

The gym is not a great place to pick up women, and the barriers mainly fall at the feet of reasons as highlighted.  Add on the shield of headphones in their ears, and the challenge for even the greatest pick up expert will be a tough one.  I’ve had a decent (at best) hit record in taking things further with girls I like in the gym, and it has marginally outweighed my success rate in bars or clubs over recent years.  That said, in a typical month I will attend the gym 10 times more than a busy bar where women worth having are to be seen, therefore similar to anything else, the numbers game for opportunities will not lie.  A hit rate is also relevant to how high, or low, a man’s standards in women are.

So if women are at unease in the gym in general terms, you can bet your last pound sterling that this negative emotion will further magnify at the weekend.  Elevate it one step further still if it is at an early hour.  “What will people think of me if they see me in a gym at 9am on a Saturday or Sunday!?   Will they think I have no social life or no man who loves me?”  Heaven forbid, the world will end won’t it…

Nevertheless, there are times when some cute and hot women will be seen in a gym at the crack of dawn, irrespective to it being in the week or during the weekend.  For those hungry guys on the lookout, expect her to fall into any of these 3 categories:

No Boyfriend Girl

As many of these women will be girl’s girls, a reasonable percentage of early morning female gym attendees will be absent of a male lapdog partner.  A girl’s girl craves for a man to be alongside every bit as much as her boyfriend validation peers, but as she is infamous for raising a much higher bar for men to jump over (until she becomes older and less physically attractive, hence less options, equals less choosy), she is less inclined to settle for guy who makes her feel indifferent. 

Although women in this compartment as explained above are paranoid to how the planet perceives them, over and above any other character genre of female, they are the most dedicated to look good and keep in shape.  If you put these two factors together, an early morning workout, with few people around to collide with in drawing conclusions that she is an unwanted woman, ticks both boxes.

Of course, less sought after women will also be in the gym queue before the bell rings. These women care very little to how they look, as they have given up all hope of meeting the man of their dreams.  Men within their grasp – lower calibre men – will not look down at her due to the get out of bed look that greets him.  He will be grateful to have a dime on his dick with any walking vagina.

Girlfriend of Top Man

Women love men who act as they shall please.  Women’s egos despise these men, but by no mean coincidence, they always go hunting and running back to them.  Simply put, a top quality man will, with incremental gestures, affection and illustrations of love displayed, put himself first.  If this means meeting his buddies early doors in order to get a good workout fulfilled, this is what he shall do.  

Ironically, compare this with the typical man.  He meets a woman, becomes infatuated, drops all his routines that quite possibly include early gym sessions, and wastes away into a male form of an over-exerting and under-appreciated sucker.  Great for a woman’s ego and feedback to her friends, but unforgiving to his medium and longer term prospects. 

When a woman is dating a man who continues with his early dates of social habits – whether that is the gym, football or overnight recovery from misdemeanours – the woman in this bond will try as hard as possible to stay attractive in maintaining his interest.  Early morning gym expeditions are the answer, in hope he will have time to see her later.

Woman unsatisfied with boyfriend

If the first two groups – single women or happy attached women – are transparent in clarification, the final group is a more grey area.  That said, it is quite likely the most common, as most women do have boyfriends such is the necessity to at least prove to the watching public that they are worthy to this earth.  But a woman who is seen at the gym doors in dark morning light or sunrise time will likely be underwhelmed with the current man in her life.

Think about it.  Most men are beta males, they will do anything to stay overnight with their female partner, and for as long as possible the next morning.  These men who are option-stricken, clingy, jealous, untrusting and possessive (as most men are) will want to keep tracks on her every move.  Women who idolize the high quality man they are with will do likewise in terms of wanting to spend as much time as possible with him.  So the question begs: why would a woman go to the gym at the crack of dawn?   

The easy answer is that, like most women suffering from good feeling depletion and simultaneous irritation with the companionship of their better halves, they are on the lookout for something better.  One of the objectively best looking women I have seen in the gym some 18 months ago typified this occurrence.  She started as an early Saturday sweater, and this soon moved over to Sundays.  After I made my intrigued advances, she continued with this routine for a few weeks.  It turned out she had been dating a guy for 6 months, yet she was moving away without him and venturing on a summer holiday with her friend.  She further added that prior to her current boyfriend, she had been in a relationship of 4 years.  I could sense the torch she still held for the ex.  To me, the current boyfriend had “stop-gap” written all over him.

Q-tip 1:
You can sense a lot in how enamoured a woman is with her male partner from her facial expression.  When you see a ray of light on the face, there is a strong chance she is genuinely in love and sexually satisfied.  If there is an irritable and uncontrollable force that acts to produce the world’s problems on her shoulders, the big money is on her impending departure, a feeling of nothing more than content, or a need to hire a gun and shoot his next wrong move that will supply her with jettison justification.

Q-tip 2:
Some cute and low end hot women will start to kit out differently in the gym once they have met a beta male boyfriend.  What was once exploitation of her toned legs and body in the form of sporting high shorts and a tight vest, almost overnight turns to a baggy t-shirt and covering much of the waist down skin.  Women will have a hard time explaining this sudden transformation, probably substantiating with weak reasoning of the gym being too cold.  When women take this more conservative option, yet the actual body is still roughly in the same shape as it has always been, you can place a fair assumption on it being a case of trying to convince her mind that she is now that bit more mature, and this “maturity” is emblematic in her new dress code.  Deep down, she is clinging onto vain hope that this new image and life alongside a safe (but low in demand) boyfriend is what will make her happy.

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