Saturday 28 June 2014

Italian women set the example

“Are some of us guilty in persisting to admire our reflection in the mirror, after failing to realize that members of opposite sex have stopped looking in our direction?”

Some countries simply churn out a greater percentage of physically attractive people than others.  The United States of America isn’t one of them.  Speaking from almost every day observation, the United Kingdom is most certainly not one of them.  Germany takes on the rough end of the stick in negative perception from outsiders, but let me tell you that there are a far higher percentage of eye catching women in comparison to the two nations previously mentioned.  Scandinavian countries – mainly Sweden and Denmark – also seem to produce a somewhat conveyor belt of female hotties, and if you believe in certain female surveys (more fool you), the respective male population in some Nordic nations are also seen as admirable in looks terms.  There are too many other countries to go through, but one country surely leads the way.

During a recent 2 week business and pleasure trip to Italy, this period in my life confirmed what I already knew.  Italian people, from young to old, ooze style, uniqueness and, most pronounced, physical impressiveness in relativity to the inhabitants of any other country I have visited or studied.  It made me chuckle inside, because someone could spend a long life going out every Saturday in my home city of Derby, visiting shopping malls, restaurants, late bars and nightclubs, and they would not come close to seeing the amount of cute and hot women I saw in just the first 72 hours in the cities of Rome and Milan.  And as a physically blessed guy with top end male facial features, I more than met my match on numerous occasions when passing the tracks of Italian men.

Italian women

As a sexually hungry heterosexual man, I will naturally take the female analysis first.  I’m not saying there were wall to wall quantities of hot women (>8/10) throughout every step I took, but there were clearly bundles more than I would see in England.  It was the next tier down – cute women between 7/10 to 7.75/10 – who seemed to be everywhere I turned.  It was like they were dropping off olive trees.  In both cases, hot and cute women, I would be conservative in saying that in just a couple or morning hours on the metro and downtown, there were 10 times the number I would see during a full weekend back home.  And Italy is a good comparable with the UK, as both countries attain populations of similar numbers. 

Italian men

The men with blessed looks who I saw were also in much higher volume over there, and this is good news to all women belonging to nations, like the UK, who are critical towards the standard of home town male totty (which is a strange argument considering most women deliberately select men who are lesser looking).  As stated earlier, there were more than a few men who went toe to toe or beyond with me on a physical appearance basis.  I would confidently say that there were as many men who could match or better my physical attractiveness scale in these 2 weeks than my life during the last 2 ½ years.  And yet again, there seemed to be hoards of above average looking men (a top end above average looking man in Italy would be classed as good looking in the UK).  When you consider the effortless and silky style to go with their looks, it’s no wonder they stand out.  I take an estimate of there being 5 times as many good looking and above average looking men in Italy than my home country.

What does all this mean?

For regular readers of this blog, in addition to those who have a mind for statistics, you will know this all results in a higher ratio of hot woman to hot man and cute woman to above average looking man dynamics.  In each case, it will manifest to a 7:1 interface.  From a man’s perspective, this is positive on a few counts.

  • When women are in tough competition with each other (which almost always is competition based on physical attractiveness), they strive harder to look good, smell fresh and act well.  This is why a typical bar in a British city can be a complete waste of time.  Not only are there nothing more than isolated glamorous women, but the high ratio of men to women in these venues enforces women to subconsciously act with arrogance and above their objective value.  In the case of Italian women, where there are inundated beautiful women to compete with, they will put in the extra yard to look good, and often act accordingly, in attracting decent men.
  • It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the higher the number of impressive looking women within an environment, the easier it is to find one.  This isn’t to say that a regular Italian man could simply take his foot off the gas and let himself go physically or lose his job, but it should mean that a man with a certain pay scale and status in Italy could secure himself a much prettier woman than his equivalent in other countries.  Despite the point I’m about to make, this was still true from my observations.  By and large, the hottest women were still with the highest status, but lesser looking, men.
  • In as little as 2 weeks, I saw 4 times as many hot couples – a man and a woman from the top end of physical attractiveness – as I saw in the whole of last year.  Bearing in mind I only saw 2 couples who fitted this bill in 2013, it still wasn’t common viewing in Italy, but there were also definitely more equally matched looking couples than what you would see in other countries.  When women are accustomed to seeing a much higher number of good looking men, the emotions of jealousy, hostility and inferiority are negated to an extent in respect to countries where a hot woman rarely has her nose put out of joint.  In a country where physical beauty, female and male alike, is embraced rather than frowned upon, a very good looking man is seen upon with positive eyes rather than envious instincts. 

I have to be honest, and I came away from this fantastic country with a slight tear in my ear.  Guys who possess high end male physical attractiveness, unique style, charisma, positive body language and uniqueness would be right up their street in major Italian cities.  Whereas most women, or men, in England look at you as if you’re an alien who landed on planet earth because you just so happen to stand out from the crowd, the typical Italian person would welcome you with open arms in having the character to wake up their boring day.  This was even apparent with the older folk.  I could tell by the way even Grandmas looked at me that they were once the younger girl who was attracted to men of my kind.

As a side-note, I also observed many of the tourist couples.  These included inundated European and North American visitors.  Although the phenomenon viewing is for a man to be with a better looking woman, and this is still the general case, I did see far more men with slightly less physically attractive women than I would do in day to day life.  It makes some sense to a point.  This gap wasn’t significant, and in some instances nothing more than negligible, but when you consider the vast majority of men are with a woman (assuming the woman is under 40) who is 10% to 15% above him in looks comparison, these dynamics do stand out. 

My simple theory to this is that it takes more than just a pretty female face and good to bang body to spend a long period of time with.  Nothing tests a relationship more than a sustained spell of unbroken time together, and without a television to cloud the muddy waters of inevitable limited common ground and mental stimulation.  Even with the hottest of women, there is only so much sex she can give you before you get bored and irritated by her self-obsessed mannerisms and lack of scintillating conversation.  Even the most na├»ve and gullible of men, as most men are, will have second thoughts of spending endless days with someone they don’t want to see outside of the bedroom.  Sometimes a low maintenance woman, even if perhaps not the shiniest apple on the tree, is a more appealing option to men who have adventures as high priority. 

So men should just jet off to Italy if they want to upgrade on overall female physical attractiveness, right?  Well, not so fast my good friends.  There has always been a wive’s tale that Italian women do not age very well.  I cannot confirm or deny this claim on first-hand experience, because I haven’t dated an Italian woman from her late teens into her 30s.  That would be foolish when there are so many women in the world to choose from. 

But there is some logic behind this possible myth.  There is no denying that there are a greater percentage of younger people in southern European countries who are smoking, in comparison to northern European counterparts.  Combine this factor with frequent exposure to the sun and Mamma’s fine, but perhaps stodgy, cuisine.  By the time they reach their 35th birthday, the portraits of a tight, profiled body, in conjunction with a natural olive toned pretty face, could be a thing of the past.  


  1. Italians both men and women are kindly regarded in my country. I'd say more local girls here fancy an Italian.
    However Italian guys tend to be the most betas among betas. Either that or they play a numbers' game ass-kissing every girl around.
    Moreover you could say they are dressed in a fashionable way but more often than not they look gay in their clothes. However it doesn't seem to have any effect on their perception by girls

  2. Hi, girl here again:
    I once saw a study on hip to waist ratio after menopause and Italian women had the lowest. So I doubt that they don't age well.
    It doesn't surprise me that there are so many hotties there, though. They have a beautiful phenotype, and the birth rate is so low, children aren't ravaging their bodies so they can afford to keep in shape.

    1. Fair play if they do, although once more the smoking factor may be the major reason why they stay relatively thin – smoking reduces eating consumption, etc... Still, even if they stay thin this doesn’t necessarily mean they age well. I’m sure we have all seen old looking skinny women.

      Not too sure where you found the low birth rate statistics, but I’ll bow to your reference if so. I thought Italy and the UK have had relatively comparable populations for the last 15 to 20 years (60 million +). If so, wouldn’t this mean the baby boom is of similarity, unless Italian women are having children much later and past their peak hotness stage.

      As I stated in the post, I can’t confirm one way or the other. What I can say is that they sure have way more stand out beauties and cuties than us!