Sunday 22 December 2013

The curse of male wolf-whistling

“An absence of motivation equates to absolute desperation.”

Wolf-whistling towards women in general makes so little sense from any man’s perspective that it defies belief some men still act upon this embarrassing and shameful move.  A wolf-whistle is up there with constant staring, excessive complimenting and uninspiring conversation, in performing the role of the perennial male “loser”.  There are 3 standout reasons why any acts of this kind are totally counter-productive in securing female sexual attraction:

  •  A man who blatantly wolf-whistles in a woman’s direction produces the interpretation of him wearing a t-shirt with words stating “desperate loser”.  What woman, unless from the absolute bottom 5% of female physical attractiveness or with next to no options in the sexual market, would choose to be with a man who gives off this impression? 

  • Wolf-whistling only succeeds in elevating women’s egos in general terms.  This is irrespective to whether she is ugly, average, cute or hot.  The more men who carry out these moves, the more the beast develops, and before you know it a phenomenon is standing in front of your eyes.  Boosting women’s egos only makes them unapproachable, less engaging and more unlikeable, and it can allow them to form an opinion of themselves that is far above the objectivity level.  Basically, it all feeds down to make it harder for men, especially men without knowledge of interaction strategy and female psychology, to feel relaxed and make the effort to validate her into potential girlfriend material.

  • Any man who fulfills an obvious delivery like a wolf-whistle proves to a woman that he likes her far more than the inverse.  True, men almost always need to make the first verbal move to interact, but it doesn’t have to be done in a way that confirms he is infatuated by her.  When a man has acted sycophant in this manner, verbal or otherwise, he has unofficially allowed a woman to believe her value is higher than his.  Women, deny it as they will, do not take kindly to this when contemplating a future boyfriend (or any intimate thoughts).  When she thinks he cannot do better than her, she automatically draws to the conclusion that she can do better than him.  Game over, gentlemen.

All the above concludes to the fundamental rule of thumb:   
When a man directly or indirectly strokes a woman’s ego, on regular and blatant occasions, he consequently succeeds in repelling her intimate longer term feelings towards him.

And as a side show, ponder on this from your astute experiences:

You see a cute girl in a bar.  There are two guys with similar looks levels, dress style and personality standing within her vicinity.  The first guy makes the decision to tell her how great she looks on a number of occasions.  He buys her a couple of drinks and he hangs around whilst asking her many questions.  The second guy has noticed her, but he turns his back or side towards her, he talks to other women, and he leaves the area where she is standing on given opportunities.  Two hours later, which guy is she giving hints to and hoping to take things further with?

Question: do you want to be the guy who makes maximum effort for minimum reward, or the guy who performs minimum endeavour for greater results?  Even if the outcome was of parity in the same time frame, why would a man choose to go the extra yard with women if there is no carrot at the end?  Never pay a price for a product that is higher than the necessity to successfully purchase and maintain.  If anything, the price paid should be lower than what it says on the label, as depreciation of the purchase and your lack of appreciation over time is the inevitable consequence.    

Nearly all women will allow people to believe they despise men wolf-whistling at them, or carrying out deliverables of similar nature.  Their immediate raising of the eyes would lead na├»ve observers to think they do genuinely dislike these acts of male desperation.  However, it is more complex than what meets the eye.  Women do actually like wolf-whistling per se, because it is a by-product of what makes them feel alive.  Only a dishonest woman will tell you she doesn’t get an ego boost and good inner feelings from male attention and compliments towards her physical attractiveness, providing it doesn’t border over to physical grabbing of some kind.  There are even some who like this rough stuff too.   What a woman is really saying is she doesn’t find a wolf-whistler sexually attractive, because a man acting in this way takes away her opportunity to assess if he likes her in sexual terms.  Women’s egos will tell you they like it when a man chases them and fights for their love, but you cannot run from what you see in reality.  Women, especially women with options, thrive on having to make the effort to capture a man’s heart.  Only after she has captured it should he start to display infrequent confirmations of his love. 

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