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Male face versus male body versus male height: what attracts or repels women the most

“You should never answer personal questions to people you don’t 100% trust.”

I tend to prefer in referring to a male glamorous look – a look that attracts women on a visual and sexual way – on more than just a simple case of stating whether the man is facially good looking.  This is simply because, in order to produce a real benchmark for male visual impressiveness that stands out beyond the many thousands of other men in your local area (or even further a field), the rational needs to be that little bit more rigorous than the random person is accustomed to be. 

To me, the term physical attractiveness is a more valid and credible way to describe a man.  The same can be said for women, but the criterion does not need to be taken as far.  This is because a woman who is a couple of inches below average height (UK average female height = 5ft 4 ½ inches) could still be seen as stunning if she had a top end impressive face and body.  Men will analyze the female face and body far more instinctively than the height.  But with men, height is critical to be truly considered within the elite looking men in the world.  So for young girls crying out that a cute boy band member of 5ft 8 inches stature is one of the most gorgeous guys on the planet, I’m sorry, this is not the case.  You’ll figure this out over time.  And on the other end of the spectrum sit the more mature ladies who bizarrely claim UK XFactor winners/finalists such as Olly Murs, Matt Cardle and James Arthur are hot.  No, they’re not.  This is just a blatant promotion due to high profile and male attainable look that attracts and comforts the average woman watching on the TV.  Women, and men, should always honestly ask themselves the question if they would find these people physically attractive if they passed them in the street with no comprehension to their fame status.

Now before I go on, I can already sense those readers screaming out that this post is only aimed at people obsessed with looks.  I should know as much as anyone that for men, physical looks are only a minor part of appealing to women, especially as the female age creeps over 23.  Many of my posts will cover how I associate male looks in the appropriate position.  But I do always believe, to attain a true understanding of women’s choices in men and men’s predilections for women, that a physical attractiveness grade for a person allows a foundation to consider the other metrics and reasons to how and why people get intimately involved.  In time constrained moments a person’s physical attractiveness is the only aspect we can objectively measure someone on.  If the world didn’t work like this, every heterosexual woman and man would be coupled off on similar visual impressiveness.  And we all know it doesn’t work this way.

So for a man, in order to be classed as an exclusive hot man - 1 in every 1741 males - he will need to tick all 3 of the following boxes:

  • Be 8/10< in facial looks.  This would mean he would be in the top 2% of facially gifted men.
  • Attain a near on body (hard to get this actual body) to what appeals to the majority of women - see below link judged by women.  This would stipulate him being in the top 2% of ideal body profile.
  • Height, as an absolute minimum, of 5ft 10 inches (the average UK height for men aged 16-34). 

With the above in mind, it’s all about the good looks, appealing body and height combination.  This is what sets a man apart from the crowd. Sure, some women may genuinely not find this look attractive (most that say this will be lying or playing with the truth due to him not being attainable to her own grade), but generally you would find a consensus that backs this up.

However, by ticking these boxes, it only tells half the story in actually how a man would be received, accepted or dismissed by a woman.  The types of men that women find the most sexually attractive are rarely the men that women walk alongside as their sexual long term partners.  A large explanation to this is because the vast majority of women will not be as physically attractive as these men in relative terms, and very few women are comfortable with this predicament no matter how genuine a guy he is.  In addition to this, men usually desire to “grade up” rather than “grade down” in this respect.  Women also place more emphasis on being with a good provider in preference to male aesthetic value, and even if they have egos that do not subconsciously draw them away from highly physically attractive men, they will lean towards their inclinations of other desirable factors.

On a similar playing field, the below frames of men can be looked upon.  In this case, they all have the same personality, charisma, status, wealth, sexual prowess, intelligence, potential, etc.  Ultimately, what measurement of the male face, body or height is the most important to attract women?

Man 1 - Good looks, good body, above 5ft 10 inches height

Give or take, these are the 1 in a 1000 men.  Actually, a future post will explain how I believe it is 1 in 1741.  On first glance, with all else equal, this man has it all.  Nearly all women take a second glance when he is in their vicinity, and he appeals to the female eyes of all colours, nations, ages and physical attractiveness scales alike.  But as explained above, women do not take kindly to being in long term relationships with men of higher physical grade.  This will rule him out with the largest slice of the female population.  Even a hot woman - women at least as physically attractive as him in relativity - usually needs to have conscious belief that the public will have eyes on her and not him.  However, the positive part for him is that the numbers play in his favour.  Although he rules himself out with over 80% of women due to female egoism, trust and insecurity reasons, it is better to have a 15% to 20% (% of women who are open to his advances) chance with 99% of women who find him attractive, than a man who barely any women desire.

Man 2 - Good looks, average (or below average) body, above 5ft 10 inches height

A scale below Man 1 from above due to a lesser body, this man will strangely find a path to greater numbers of women.  They may not be as cute or hot as his counterpart with the better body, but more women find him attainable.  I don’t think it’s any coincidence that since I started working out and developed a muscular tone, I’ve received more glances and attention from women but consequently a greater number of rejections.  To my knowledge, I still have the same personality and I’m approaching the same amount of women.  So a less striking body can actually play in a man’s favour, but it could equally rule him out in securing the hottest 1% of girls.

Man 3 - Good looks, good body, below 5ft 10 inches height

This is where it gets tricky.  For women considerably shorter than him, he will be more than fine because height isn’t an issue in comparison to her.  Like all good looking men with good bodies, they will encounter rejections from women due to female lack of confidence, but they will equally attain more opportunities than their lesser looking male equivalents.  The problems start when he finds a woman he likes who is slightly shorter, as tall, or taller than him.  More often than not, his looks and body will not save him from the height shortcomings.

Man 4 - Good looks, average (or below average) body, below 5ft 10 inches height

Same predicament as Man 4 due to height deficiency, but slightly fewer opportunities due to less impressive body.  On odd occasions, with females of very low confidence and high insecurity and self-consciousness, his average body could play as an advantage because of a woman’s own body frailty obsessions. 

Man 5 – Average (or below average) looks, good body, above 5ft 10 inches height

This is the man you need to watch as the one who has more opportunities than any other man out there.  The reason this is the case is down to the perfect ingredients required for the female recipe that projects attraction but eases her ego concerns.  That is, a tall man who isn’t facially as pleasing to the eye as she is.  She is prettier than his comparative male looks, but he offers her security and an element of protectiveness.  The good body he has is an added bonus, because given the choice she would much prefer him to sit over the bar in body terms and under the bar in facial terms, rather than the inverse.  Look out for vast numbers of cute women and many hot women with these kinds of men.  If he attains above average facial looks, his opportunities are all the more prominent.  If below average, it will naturally be, in most instances, slightly less.

Man 6 – Average (or below average) looks, average (or below average) body,
above 5ft 10 inches height

Only a step behind Man 5, this is another man who will appear to have an array of chances to grade up.  In some cases with women of low confidence, he will even be in a more beneficial position.  Nevertheless, his opportunities with the hottest women may be limited to isolated strikes of the ball.  The hottest women usually need to be seen with a man who has an appealing body, if not face.  Cute women with inner doubts of their worth will swamp towards men in this category.

Man 7 – Average (or below average) looks, average (or below average) body,
below 5ft 10 inches height

This is where it starts to get towards the stage of taking the opportunities when given, because whilst it’s almost always an advantage to not be facially better looking than the target woman, and an impressive body may occasionally hinder rather than help, the lack of height is unforgiving for men looking to grade up.  The best case for men here is to locate a cute woman, or a short hot woman, with magnified egoism, insecurity, confidence and trust issues.  This is because a woman with these traits can only feel comfortable with a man who isn’t attracting other women or public attention.  These women are rare, because deep down they know they can do better.  If they don’t, they still end up resenting the situation of wondering and pondering.

As stated at the top of this post, so many other sexual market metrics are in place to throw this out the window.  But the counter-argument to this is that most men do have status, incomes, resources, potential and personalities of not outlandish disparities.  This is why the consideration to physical attractiveness, no matter how high or low he sits on the line, is important to understand when women select or reject the possible male candidates.  Sometimes a man is doing everything he can to be the most visually attractive man within his capabilities, but oddly this may be taking him in the opposite direction to long term partner suitability.

Nevertheless, men should not read this and think they can simply tuck into regular take-away food and beer to ease a woman’s egoism and discomforts in consequently making her feel better about herself.  The line is a fine one, and a woman still has to feel he is worth taking. 

Fundamentally, height is more important than an extremely good looking face or body, but it is no point being a tall fat man.  Height, with a toned body and average face, is arguably the best position to be in for the greatest number of opportunities for long term relationships.  The tri-combination of good looks, high calibre body and height is most advantageous for receiving female eye contact, attention and potential short term sexual encounters, but it usually won’t lead to the highest quantity of doors opening in being classed as good perceived boyfriend material.  Of course, if you were me, you would simply just try to be the most attractive man you can possibly be and view outcomes as a circumstance.  Any man who alters his physical appearance to suit a woman is a man waiting for a woman to lose any ounce of respect she had for him in the first place.  But whilst I disagree with this accommodating approach, I do understand that securing a girlfriend is what stands as most men’s priority, even if it means pleasing her before looking after their own welfare.  If this applies to men reading now, I warn of darker days ahead.

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  1. What's the best way to tell where you truly rank on the facial scale? Based on photos? Or reactions from women?

    1. There's no hard and fast rule, but I think you first and foremost have to be totally honest and base a benchmark against a g-l famous man.
      You can't really judge it on reactions from women, because as far as you know they could be looking at many other men too (highly unlikely, but you take my point).
      Then you need to honestly say how many men you have seen in your every day life who are better looking than you. This will give you a measurement on where you stand in percentage terms. For example, I've been told on a few occasions by women that I'm the best looking guy they have ever seen in my local town (approx 200,000), but I'm under no illusion that if I went to a Hollywood awards show I'd do nothing more than blend in.
      Maybe most important is to judge it on what people say. The majority of people are not inclined to brand out compliments at will, so if you start to get many comments a week then this will mean you are in the exclusive bracket.

  2. by the way, love the blog too, really puts things into perspective

  3. Where is this 1 in 1741 coming from? I am genuinely curious where and how you came up with this number.

    1. I'll publish a post on this in a couple of weeks time.

  4. I fall in category 3 but have many cute and hot women intrested in me even some who were taller than me. How do you explain this?

    1. I guess the first question is your interpretation of "interested". If this is in the form of stares, then it isn't too surprising. A woman will still spot an impressive male face and body, assuming he isn't many inches shorter than her.

      I'll go on the basis this interest is more than eye contact - hence relationships. If so, I think I have explained why you will still attract cute and hot women who are shorter than you (although I would still expect at least 80% to reject you due to the female egoism issue).

      Age also plays a major part. A good looking man with good physique who is interacting with high numbers of women aged 23 or younger will have less problems easing women's insecurities - hence make them willing to date him - than women in their mid to late 20s (or early 30s too). At this tender age, women place more emphasis on male physical attractiveness and less priority on indifferent looking men who can provide for them and offer other non-visual offerings.

      As for the critical part to your question - "some who were taller" - well, 3 possibilities:
      1) If you are someone of high social status, then this will be the main reason. Women, especially younger broads, place male social status above anything else.
      2) Assuming you are not of high social profile, I would hedge a fair bet on these women being people you know personally, as you had the opportunity to promote your non visual (personality, charisma, etc..) blessings simultaneous to them taking oversight to you being shorter than their own comparison. A woman will cut a good looking man slack who she wouldn't have done so if he was a man she only knows on an impersonal level.
      3) They are very insecure women who still like to show off a bit of male totty. As explained in the post, a man of 5ft 8" is not going to sexually attract close to as many women as his equivalent facial and body male peer of 6ft 1" height. Women being women, are mass populated with high egoism, low trust and high insecurity traits. Nevertheless, the opposing force to this is their need for social validation - in this case, your looks. So it would make sense that this kind of woman satisfies both of her needs in being alongside an eye catching, even though shorter, man.

  5. I'm either guy 1 or guy 5. (Probably in between.) I've been called handsome many times and I know I'm facially more attractive than most guys, not sure I'd put myself in the top 2% though. I'm naturally athletic and slender, and now that I've been working out for a while my body is close to, if not ideal. For either guy 1 or guy 5 though what effect does being over 5'10 have, can it have the same intimidating effect being too facially attractive can have? Effectively working against you, or does it carry benefit? (Or a mix of both?) I'm 6'2/6'3.

    I found this to be a very interesting read and I'm just wondering where I fit in. Something else to mention is that I have a very introverted, reserved personalty that could easily be mistaken for unfriendliness and I was wondering how you think the combination of the negatives of being physically attractive with a personality like mine would play out.

    1. Responded on latest published post mate.

  6. Probably not relevant but having gone from a 6.2" pretty boy with a strong build but 0 personality to 6.2" rugged face, strong build with 10+ personality, the personality makes all the difference. When I was at my peak in terms of appearance I was at the mercy of female choice. Now as a dark prince i'm no longer at said mercy. I'm full control and have the power to literally take what I want.

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  8. Jesus man, you're totally insane. Why? 50 girlfriends of my girlfriend can confirm you that's not true. Why you mislead other guys these lies? Please, stop it.

    1. Dude, how could I possibly question the truth from the words of her 50 girlfriends (popular girl btw!)? No women has ever fibbed to protect her integrity and pride, has she? Ok, that's me being facetious just for clarity...

      On the small chance you are telling the truth (something tells me you are a woman or a liar, or probably both), forgive me for pointing out that your situation doesn't reflect the general trend. An exception doesn't make the norm. As always, I offer it in the hands, or more relevant the eyes, of others. All I do is point out what is clear as day in real life observation.

      You can plea with me to stop all you like, but it will fall on death ears and blind eyes. All I can suggest is if you have a problem with harsh truths and transparent reality, I suggest you spend your time not reading this blog.

  9. Replies
    1. Not really, just someone who is confident and lives in the world of reality.

  10. According to this guide, if you're exactly average height, you're fucked- apparently only those taller or shorter get examples

    1. Really... is that the best comment you can come up with?

  11. I don't know how I found this blog post, but I have anecdotal evidence that can point to what you said about Man #1.

    I'm a 27 year old 6'4" white male with a very athletic physique, broad shoulders with very narrow waist/hips, and have facial aesthetics on par with guys like former Calvin Klein model Fredrik Ljungberg. However, I was a very late bloomer, around early 20s, and prior to that was a very awkward and unattractive teen who didn't get any attention from females.

    I've never in my life had a girlfriend and have a severe struggle with getting one, which I blame on my inexperience with women and their intimidation/insecurity of being with a guy like me. I've tried online dating sites and I almost never get any responses, the ones that do respond generally look for almost any excuse to reject me during our internet conversations. In real life, I have women accuse me of being a player and/or give me an attitude whenever I try to converse with them. However, on the flip side I've had people assume I'm gay simply because I'm chronically single. I do have women in public checking me out but it is generally done when they are in groups, but when they are alone they are more subtle about it.

    So, yes for some men being very attractive can be an issue depending on the type of women you are pursuing.

    1. Hi mate, some interesting explanations there.

      Like you, I was a physically late bloomer, so I can relate to how your required confidence levels are perhaps playing catch up.

      Your predicament, if it can be described as that, is something hardly anybody comprehends, because such a tiny percentage (<0.1%) of men encounter it. Those who do are also liars or/and too proud to face up to the truth and reality too. Nevertheless, what I would always remind anybody like you that there are so many ways to benefit from being tall, facially good looking, and attain a great physique - in comparison to not having these blessings. Remember this for as long as you have it, because when you do not receive all this attention, eye contact, intimidation receipt, and rejection from women, it will be the sure sign that your physical decline has commenced. When that day arrives, I'll bet a pretty penny that you'd wish for the "problems" back. So ultimately, make the most of today.

      However, pretty much everything you document is accurate and real. In simple terms, you are too physically attractive for >99% of women generally, let alone the probable small pool of women you would want to be with. The only way this issue could be eradicated in a switch would be to gain overnight fame and extreme wealth. On the basis this isn't going to happen, my main advice would be to work on your confidence, give less care to the world and what others think of you, and essentially approach more women. Take rejection or cold shoulders from women as a compliment, not an insult.

      One final point is your height. Don't get me wrong, being 6ft 4" is way more advantageous than being 5ft 8", and also in relation to 5ft 10", but being as tall as you are, outside of sports stars, is a likely drawback than blessing. This is firstly because women will find you even more intimidating than guys of 6ft, but also even too tall for their natural sexual predilections.

      It would be easy to just say that you need to target women around the 5ft 9" to 5ft 10" hotties, as they will want men taller than them when in heels, but it also isn't so simple as this. Unless they're just looking for a one night stand or short term fling (which is rare for the most physically attractive women), even tall women as described may only want a man a two or three inches taller. This is because women, in particular women post 23 years of age, are sizing up a man as a future father to their children. A tall woman being impregnated by a tall man will most conceivably produce a very tall son or daughter. Whilst it isn't as much of an issue being a very tall man, women, deep down, know how it is a disadvantage in the romantic world in being a very tall woman.

      So in essence and with this in mind, I would advise you, for the path of least resistance to target women around 5ft 6" to 5ft 7". This will, in my view, give you the greatest chance of openings and success.

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    1. Pleasure mate, and appreciate the compliment. Glad you find the posts useful and in ways you can use to make a happier and more productive life for yourself.

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