Sunday 3 November 2013

Women pulling stupid faces

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” (C.S. Lewis)

I notice Miley Cyrus has been upsetting one or two people of late with her somewhat unusual but now familiar facial expression.  It seems to have caused a stir by disturbing members of society who have been inflicted by the serious medical condition of a stroke.  This perceived ridicule would have also irritated the minds of family members and Association representatives alike. 

In fairness to Cyrus, I think all she was actually doing is typical of girls in her position.  Whilst being na├»vely stupid, she would have been oblivious to any antagonism this now familiar pose of hers could bring.  All she’s doing is carrying out the act of concealed insecurity.  To natural observers of stupidity, fakeness, jealousy, bitterness, hostility, insecurity, low confidence, egoism, attention seeking and fragile prides, people who act in this way do not fool yours truly to the true reasons.  The reason they get away with these deficiencies is due to the masses of people without peripheral vision, outsiders being worried about rocking any boat, or excessive nice guys who think one single thought or word that doubts a female’s “perfection” will cause her to like him less.

In the case of young Miley, she has contextual shortcomings.  Whilst decent and cute before she had the poor choice of tomboy haircut, she was never going to be a head turner of the highest degree.  Though records show she is only 5ft 5 inches tall, she must wear high platforms on regular occasions because she frequently appears to tower above the majority of other females from the music and acting industries.  Height to a woman is not a particular benefit without raw physical attractiveness of the greatest magnitude to embrace it.  Best example of to a woman who can carry it off – Maria Sharapova. 

Her recent new image, whilst probably based on advice from the management team and record label, is not one that appeals to the bulk percentage of boys and men.  I would predict that researchers close to her realize she cannot compete with her more glamorous rivals, so the counteractive decision is to produce a look that offers a liking to all those more boyish looking or less attractive young girls in the world.  Let’s call it a level of admiration from attainable eyes.  Her singing ability, although unique to a point, is never going to leave you with treasured memories from a breathtaking experience.  Wouldn’t it be a crying shame if she looks back as an 80 year old grandma (great grandma?) in her rocking chair, only to reminisce that her best days were as a 16 year old Hannah Montana?

The silly face she is now accustomed to can be seen on girls and women you will see on the street during your everyday life.  They know there are hotter and cuter women in their circles, so it’s like a justification to say “I wasn’t even trying in that photograph.”  Also, this is a foolish and failed ploy in trying to take the eyes of the audience away from her more eye catching peers.  It all boils down to knowing, but failing to accept, that she could never be the centre of focus unless surrounded by uglier women.  As her physical allure benchmark is not particularly high, but likewise it is pretty enough for her mind to inflate the objectivity, she is caught between a rock and a hard place in terms of how to conduct her demeanour. 

So pictures, and how women pose, can tell you much about their personality.  Here’s the main 4:

The stupid face

The stupid face, as explained above, is a vain attempt to hide her insecurity and inferiority complex in comparison to standing in the vicinity of those more pleasing to male projection.  This is an uncomfortable circumstance to her.  Women who cannot cope with this fact will more often than not only be seen with uglier female acquaintances that reassure them of greater beauty stakes. 

Hard, no smile, expressionless face

This expression shows a level of self-consciousness.  Deep down she may well have an engaging side to her persona, but she finds it hard to relax and shine through.  Women in this bracket are usually scraping on the surface of the top 10% (lower to middle range cute) of physically attractive women, but they know there are many better out there.  She lacks fundamental confidence, and whilst she is genuine once known, the Saturday night image and how she perceives others view her prevents a more appealing side from its true revealing.

The pose

The pose has picked up speed since the rise of social network sites, as this now allows exploitation way beyond the eyes of their close circles.  The James Bond replication or blowing of the over emphasized kiss and wink combination appear to be the favourites, but there are plenty of others too. Of course, the pose has always been with us, but maybe not so much in people’s faces prior to the Facebook era.  Many women you see performing the “strike your pose” will also belong to the stupid face look, as the inner doubts belong to both in the way of not having that true confidence to act more natural.  The main distinction between the two is that those who strike the pose in greater numbers than the stupid face tend to be that little bit cuter.  But they are rarely hot.  These hot women are found in our last group.

Genuine, solid smile

This girl is confident (in relativity to other women), good-time hunting, fun seeking, relatively relaxed and refrains from excessive self-awareness and insecure natures.  This smile is often to be found with the most stunning women who also have an intrinsic knowledge of their other values away from the visuals.  Many of these women have passed their more self-conscious days, and they are older than 23.  Yes, these women with high beauty and pleasantries to match are very rare.  Although it is sometimes a front to exploit what a great time they are having with the girls, these ladies will be open to interaction with men.  Nevertheless, early distinction between their intimate predilection of a man or the required attention requirements should be screened for early on.  A man could end up wasting many valuable minutes on a lost cause, therefore he needs to lay down the ground rules of what he wants straight away.  In essence, these are the women that men treasure to locate.

Fortunately, from my experience, a high number of women do fall into the last category when it comes to their facial expression during the focus light being at the ready.  This is despite less than 1% of them actually being hot (8/10 or greater) by physical definition.  Sorry ladies, but the reality is that most of you who self-proclaim to be hot are somewhere along the cute line.  However, and especially on nights out where they are inclined to show the world how great a time they are having and that “girl time” is so much better than the need of a boyfriend, many also fall into the second and third sections.  And like anything else, a few feel it is purposeful to pull ridiculous faces too.

Women will counter-argue with a post of this subject by justifying that their expressions depend on the mood they are in or how the situation fits.  Men should view these words with reservation and watch what they see rather than listen to what they hear.  If you assessed 100 photographs of one woman, there would be a clear pronounced majority. 

I think I can speak for 99% of men in view of the following advice to women.  Ladies, on the assumption that you have ambitions to secure the highest quality man as plausibility allows, you all should take note of how men view your demeanour and attitude.  If you believe the man you are intimately with or interacting with could never do better than you in physical attractiveness terms, the likelihood is you can act like a bitch and still get away with it.  His knowledge of doing no better will give you this leeway.  But take note of this.  High calibre men have options, even with the hottest of women, and there are less men of high value than hot women out there.  Multiply the cute women by nearly 10 in comparison to the numbers of hot women.  With this in mind, a class man will happily turn his back on a good looking woman with poor personality for long term consideration, because he knows he can find one on par with her beauty but exceeding in other desirability metrics.  The ball’s in your court, but don’t go moaning about the lack of great guys out there if you can’t start with a smile on your face in the first place.

To briefly touch on how men should stand in photos, this is simple.  The two extremes are either a bad boy moody frown or a nice guy goofy over-smile.  If only one could be taken, go with the former.  If you hold desires to spend your life in a constant but frustrating friend zone with women, by all means go with the British boy not so shiny teeth look.  Somewhere that sits in the middle is the male indifferent and expressionless face.  This has more positives than negatives as women like a level of mystique, so it can be seen as attractive if not friendly.  But my personal favourite, and this is not only advice for other men but also how I present myself in the main, is the mild smirk.  This shows a portrait of a man who is enjoying his life, but he is equally in control of the surroundings.  There is a measure of happiness, radiation, coolness, couldn’t give a crap attitude, approachability and intrigue that manifest to keep a woman guessing.  Then when in a relationship with a woman, and the camera is consistently fired in front of this partnership, he should throw in infrequent extremes.   This will never allow her to believe she has you in the grasp of her hands, whilst still permitting her to feel she isn’t totally losing you.   

A woman in love will almost always smile when with her man prior to the camera flash, and the smirk compliments her infatuation.  Any man who finds himself with a cheesier grin than his appropriate female partner is a man with a woman who isn’t, or soon won’t be, happy. 

So the overall message is clear to either gender if they are feeling a touch unlucky in meeting or attracting suitable members of the opposite sex: the median female approach should be more engaging, whilst the male equivalent needs to be that little less smiley.  Strange world, isn’t it?  


  1. Take a hike and shove one. How can u say all this shit and get away with it you loooossssseeeer!!!!!!

  2. & one more thing…Miley’s hot

  3. Vi Ay wouldn’t know the meaning of humility if it kicked him in the nuts!!!

  4. & one more thing…Miley’s hot

    Not sure she’s that good but he is a bit tough on her. Think he must have been scorned by someone like her in the past. The face women pull is only to have a good time, nothing more sinister than that so if they look stupid then just chill out

  5. Women are more conscious of their look than men. Men seem to chill more and have a good time. I have plenty of guy friends but women are fun to hang out with too. If they pull the faces he talks about it’s no big deal.

  6. Why should a woman who makes a genuine face be hot ? Isn’t it just that she’s a good person and happy to be around. Why is it always about the way a woman looks!!??

  7. Just call it years of observation if you will. Sorry, but men like friendly and engaging women, but women are turned on more by a man who acts moody or indifferent. That’s why I mention the smirk – it offers versatility.

  8. There are links on tinterent to suggest he’s right. Try this one

  9. Vi Nay thinks he knows it all & he knows nathing…Go suck urself


    Keep them coming

  11. Tell me one thing then.What’s in it for women to pull stupid faces.Men don’t like it, it looks pathetic, and people just pity them.Girl Power all the way, really! Yeah, right

  12. Some are insecure. Maybe not as many as he would suggest but it can be a hard life at times with all the pressures to look and feel good. If we have moments then that’s all it is.

  13. what girl wants to be with a guy no other girl wants?
    Sweet C juice is never for free

  14. No woman wants a man no other woman wants. If so, she’s insecure so it all works back to the truth in the end

  15. Stay with an ugly ma n and he won’t keep her on toes.

  16. id say most girls stern face when out, bit nicer when in day. think they are the biz once they slap the slap on, but the slap shud comma from moi